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HCM is Canada's leading Cannabis culture industry magazine - available online and in print and is supported by our exceptional social media and tremendous national team.


All distribution and marketing is directed at cannabis users and enthusiasts though selective and extensive distribution though cannabis friendly network of age verified shops and businesses. We strive to ensure our magazine makes it into the hands of people who will benefit most from the information as well as the product and service information contained within.


Some Key Points:

  • High! Canada Magazine is in its sixth year of publishing - since 2015

  • High! Canada Magazine is distributed to legal Canadian cannabis shops

  • Viewed by approx.  1 Million + readers world wide

  • High! Canada Magazine offers Free Digital Downloads of all previous issues

  • Tweeted to over 50,000 followers on twitter on a total twelve core site

  • Connected to 2500+ Canadian and International Cannabis based businesses

  • Over 10,000k impressions per week on our main High! Canada Twitter account @canadahigh

  • Over 50,000 impressions per week on our main High! Canada Instagram account 

  • Over 16k organic Instagram followers

  • Coupon pages & Bonus Inserts available on request

  • West Coast/ Central / East Coast/Physical distribution

  • Active Trade Show and Industry specific show distribution

  • Exclusive High! Canada Magazine Internal Promotions & Cannabis events 

  • your ads sent to our 270,000 + digital mailing list

  • Physical Distribution:  (available in approx. 300+ locations)

  • Mailed out to individual homes and businesses monthly

Advertising with the HCM network gives you the option to combine your current online marketing with a very specific form of niche marketing aimed directly at a very new type of consumer. A very passionate consumer group that demands information and education and while they are avid internet users across numerous platforms many still prefer to pick up a printed magazine to find out about the state of cannabis in Canada today.

Want to become a High! Canada Magazine distributor? 

For more information on how to become a High! Canada Magazine distributor email for details

If you think you could see your cannabis related company advertising with us - please feel free to drop us an email or a phonecall and we can discuss in more depth.




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