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Chuck Varabioff (B.C. Pain Society Vancouver) has organized CannaFest 2015, a festival that will bring together musicians as well as educate people about what Varabioff says, is the healing power of marijuana. "I deal with sick people every single day," said Varabioff in an interview with Daybreak South. "I wanted to give back something to them, where they're able to come forget about their pain, their problems, anything they have negative going on in their life, and come out and experience something positive."

The B.C. Pain Society is a medical marijuana dispensary that houses Canada's first marijuana vending machines. This is the second year that Varabioff has organized CannaFest. The first one took place in Vancouver last year and is considered a very successful event.

There is no scientific evidence that marijuana cures diseases such as cancer, though Varabioff claims he has witnessed such cases. He also denies that the summer festival could be an excuse to smoke pot.

"It's all about the movement, it's all about people coming together and promoting a product that they believe in," he said. "Now will there be marijuana abuse? Of course there will. Same as there will be alcohol abuse … but the public needs to be educated."

Grand Forks Mayor Frank Conrad says he won't "delve into the marijuana issue because that is a federal issue," but he says he believes the event would help stimulate the local economy".

In hindsight, it did just that. It brought thousands of tourists to Grand Forks for the event and for that weekend the town was awash with tourist revenue. Cannafest became a community driven event with our mutual support of marijuana linking the town of Grand Forks and the artists performing and the fans together for an amazing event that not only raised awareness for much needed Medical marijuana reform but was also an amazingly laid back outdoor rock festival. Smoking and toking were contained to a side area and even the beer garden had its own area away from the public concert venue.

People came and enjoyed very much and there is already much anticipation for CANNAFEST 2016!

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