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Cat Solomon Steps up, Sits down, Smokes up and Speaks out!

My life might seem like a lot of fun.....But it's also a lot of work. I am a freelance Model in the wonderful city of Toronto Ontario. I started out working in small afterhours. One afternoon a photographer was in need of a model and he pulled me from behind the bar and my modeling adventure began. I've been modeling now for 8 years. Some of you might recognize me as a two-time Toronto Sunshine Girl. Feb.12. 2015 & April 14.2015. Today's world has changed and with change allows doors to open for all shapes and sizes. With plus sized and petit modeling on the rise, it also opens the doors for Alternative modeling - which covers everything From my Bright Red hair to my extra Curricular Activities. Smoking Pot, Bongs, Tanks, Political Events etc...

Political Activist isn't the title I would choose to use to describe my efforts. But I do raise awareness and knowledge about these great organizations in both Ontario and Canada: ∙ The Canadian Legions / The Great Canadian Military ∙ The Emergency Patrol Search and Rescue (EPRSC) ∙ The Aboriginal People of Canada ∙ CRU Remains Untouchable Community

I am now loaning my voice and image to raise truthful awareness through The Rolling Stoned Magazine. Thought-out my career I have been a regular Marijuana user to help treat a number of ailments that plague my life. Back & Foot pain from a car accident in 2003, is just one thing that Mary Jane has helped reduce. I used to show up at my Doctors office 3 times a week complaining of Cramps and large amounts of discomfort due to the effects of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I found Marijuana was more effective than most pills available to treat (IBS). I personally have been self medicating using Marijuana for both anxiety & depression. I never thought it would help my IBS. When I was experiencing an episode of IBS and feeling so sick that I couldn't even drink water - I decided to smoke a joint, I had hoped it might relax me enough to possibly take a nap. I almost immediately found a change in my body. I no longer felt sick to my stomach. Instead I started to feel relief.

Marijuana has so many benefits so let's raise awareness and leave the old stigmas in the past.

I am happy to be involved.

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