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The Cannabis Activist is an important person in our society.

They fight for what is just and try to defend people who have been hurt by the unjust laws we live under. These are people who dedicate their lives to defending an innocent plant that has been demonized.

Without them, the Cannabis movement would still be in the dark ages - pitchforks and all. But they are not the only group of people this movement needs. It is important that everyone speak up in support of this plant because there is always strength in numbers. The only way it is going to be acceptable to mention consuming cannabis for medicine or even recreation in mainstream culture (such as at a 9-5 job), is if people just start doing it. You don't have to be at protests all the time (though don't be shy) but don't be a closet smoker.

We have to break the stigma around Cannabis and have it be accepted universally. So post online, smoke in public, open up a dialogue with someone you know doesn't smoke, and make yourself a positive image for people to associate with Cannabis.

In order for the “pothead” stereotype to finally be a thing of the past there needs to be more people owning up to the lifestyle they live, which might include indulging themselves occasionally, or using cannabis as medicine. Legalization gets closer to being a reality everyday, but many people still hold onto negative connotations attached to using cannabis.

It's up to us to change their minds.

Don't think you can't enact change because even if you can influence one person, lives are changed.

Cheers to the everyday activist, we need you.

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