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Imagine being surrounded by your closest friends this holiday seasons at an elaborate gathering. Maybe there are snow flurries – maybe a gift exchange. Oh, and then someone passes you a joint, the latest vape pen or a tray of infused cookies.

Well this year, here is a way for those who are 18 and up to celebrate with a little 420 twist. After all who wouldn’t want to turn a stressful day of cooking into an afternoon and evening of mind expansion and relaxation? Follow along for a quick how-to and permeate your winter party with pot.

It should go without saying, really. But we live in a crazy world so here it is:

A responsible Cannabis Christmas party is 18 and up and/or for medical patients. You wouldn’t spike a kids punch and the same should be true of infusing a minor’s meal. Be cool and keep it Canadian - by that I mean Classy.

Any good party has a awesome playlist – or at least a thoughtful group of songs and artists on random play. You don’t need to hire a dj or glue yourself to an IPOD all night to make things work, just put a little forethought into things. Get stoned already and put together an amalgamation of all the music that makes you feel good. It might be a little work, but it’s fun work and it will put you in an exceptional mood .

You absolutely can not host a party and be a stick in the mud at the same time. Forget it. So you might get a little goofy while smoking and spill a little something – no big deal. Don’t get so wrapped up in perfecting each little aspect of the get together that you forget to have fun. Have a sense of humor and laugh it off.

Provide useful tools for your guests who enjoy smoking or vaporizing marijuana. You don’t need to hand out pot by any means but a pack or two of rolling papers intentionally placed in appropriate locations will go a long way to getting the party started. An inexpensive glass pipe or two can be a great addition as well.

A vaporizer, if you have one, should be cleaned and can be included if desired.

Make sure you are choosing strains that will achieve your desired effects. You certainly don’t want to hit a bunch of anxious folks with a heavy sativa and you don’t want your sleepy eyed friend Jennifer smoking herself into an indica induced nap time.

Hybrids are probably the best bet as they usually elicit middle of the road effects, not overactive and not too laid back, just the right balance.

Almost as important as the cannabis selection you provide are your menu choices for the night. Infused or not make sure you prepare your guests with a wide enough variety of choices to please all.

Remember to check with your guests beforehand about food allergies if possible.

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