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Just when you think a Canadian Winter is never ending, I’m here to brighten your day and remind you that it most certainly has an end date. Spring is slowly creeping up to us, poking its shy head around the corner and taunting us with its proximity. You can feel its presence in the spring fashions parading around storefront windows, which you hurriedly pass by on your way to the warmth of somewhere indoors. Meanwhile that shorts-wearing mannequin stands there, enjoying its faux spring, making a mockery out of your two layers of pants and oversize coat. I don't know about you, but I’m ready for that to end. When I close my eyes, I can hear sounds of the beach, the clink of a drink on a patio, and of course, the sound of a lighter finally unobstructed by clumsy gloves and mittens struggling to move its frozen gear. Canada is one of the most amazing places in the world when it comes to outdoor toking, from the Badlands in Ontario to Wreck Beach in Vancouver, there is no shortage of beautiful backdrops to fulfil your epic dream session. I’ve named some of my favorite places for an outdoor session in Canada (some still on my bucket list), that if you haven’t visited yet, you need to experience! One of the best things about the warm weather approaching is the promise of amazing, exploratory days spent hanging outside with your favorite girl, Mary-Jane. So, without further ado, here is a list of MJ-approved places to explore this spring/summer. Moraine Lake: Alberta. If toking next to an icy blue, glacially-fed lake beside the world-famous Rocky Mountains is your thing, I got you. I should warn you though, this beautifully scenic spot does take a while to thaw out from its frozen, winterized look. It is situated in Banff National Park in the valley of the 10 peaks, which you might recognize from the $20 bill. Located only 2.5 hours from Calgary, it is the perfect spot for the adventurous stoner looking to hike trails or canoe in search of the perfect spot to enjoy their herb. Keep your wits about you though! Bears are very common around this area, and probably aren’t the best company to get high with (I wouldn’t want to be there when they get the munchies…) Grouse Mountain: BC. This spot is easily accessed from downtown Vancouver, and is perfect for those looking to toke among the clouds. If pre-toking exercise is your thing, then you are welcome to join Vancouver’s many fitness-obsessed individuals in climbing the trails that lead up the mountains. It is ridiculously fun, which I know from when I was a teenager and braved this path with a friend. Sporting jeans and flannels like proper Canadians, we slowly smoked our way up the mountain while sporty, spandex-wearing characters frequently passed us by. The path varies between carefully placed stairs and rocks that you can clamber up on your way to the top, but either way the path itself offers many spots to rest for a mid-mountain session. Of course, hiking is not for everyone. Grouse has the Skyride to take you up and down the mountain if something more relaxing is on your mind; it takes you right near the observatory as well as places to eat - to satisfy the munchies of course. Whether it’s a breathtaking view, an exciting zip-line, or a relaxing Skyride, Grouse has it all. Whiteshell Provincial Park: Manitoba. Located near Winnipeg, this piece of paradise has so much to offer that your biggest obstacle might just be choosing which activities to enjoy. This gorgeous spot has so much to offer, from long walks on sandy beaches to getting your gallop on with its picturesque horseback riding trails. The park is huge, so you can’t explore all of it in one day. But it's absolutely worth it to choose out a spot to enjoy, or even to camp there overnight. If you can keep your cannabis dry then there are the beautiful Caddy Lake Tunnels to canoe or kayak through. For something more relaxing you can check out Rainbow Falls, which conveniently has picnic tables and washrooms, but the best part is hanging out IN the falls. There is nothing more relaxing than taking a dab and immersing yourself in some flowing water! Hopewell Rocks: New Brunswick. This visually stimulating beach sports trippy looking rock formations sculpted by tidal erosion, of which it has the highest in the world. (So no matter what you won’t be the highest thing there.) People flock from all over to watch the tide ebb and flow, and it seems like the perfect thing to do while smoking a big fat joint (or a little one, I don’t judge). By visiting this spot located on the Bay of Fundy, you are able to walk the ocean floor before watching the tide come back again to reclaim it. As a bonus you can even kayak on that same spot, though best to wait until the water is there. But again, I don’t judge. Just be careful when exploring this majestic wonder, and definitely research the timing of the tides before you go!

Toronto Island: Ontario. Being from Toronto myself, I know how easy it is to overlook this spot. But you’re really missing out if you do. The reality is that it’s incredibly easy to get to and has some amazing attractions! It is super simple to bring your bike over (bikes being the best form of transportation on the island), but if you don’t have one, no sweat! There are bike rentals as soon as you get off the ferry for some quasi-reasonable prices. Whether you’re biking or using that old-fashioned method called walking, there is no shortage of fun things to do once you’re on the island. There’s a petting zoo, nude beach, restaurant/bars… and of course, Centerville! Not only does this spot have many secluded areas to toke up, you can go on some fun rides afterwards. Opinions vary on whether the water is swimmable or not (I won’t brave it) but kayaking is a fun alternative if you want to be surrounded by water without being submerged in it. Be careful that you don’t have so much fun that you miss the last ferry! Water-taxis don’t come cheap. And of course, when it comes to listing the perfect outdoor session spots in Canada, I would be rather remiss if I didn’t mention Every. Single. 420 party this nearly legalized country has to offer! There are rallies being held all over this great country, with Toronto and Vancouver leading the pack. If you find that your city or town doesn’t have one yet, congratulations! You get to start one yourself. You can contact some of the organizers of rallies already happening (nearest may be best) for some basic information on starting a 420 rally, but get on it! There is no outdoor session out there like the one where you are surrounded by thousands of like-minded individuals in all your blazing glory.

So get out outside and enjoy that fresh, skunky air you crazy kids, I know I will!

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