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Dispensaries in Review - BC Pain Society

Now proudly carrying over 40 different strains of Indica, Sativa and hybrids, the BC Pain Society also carries Phoenix Tears and high CBD oil as well as shatter, wax, budder, hash and another concentrates. The BCPS is also considering expanding their edible line for people who need the benefits of marijuana but don’t want to or can’t, smoke or vape. Unfortunately, like many other dispensaries, the BC Pain Society is shackled by current regulations regarding edibles.

BC Pain Society has quickly grown to over 20,000 members with more signing up daily due, in part, to their thorough, non-judgmental application process. They currently have three locations - two in Vancouver and the third in Victoria.

A proud presenter of the Cannafest Music Festival, BCPS has helped to turn this two-day music festival into an annual must-attend music-filled weekend as thousands descend on Grand Forks, BC each August to soak in some classic rock and relish in the cannabis lifestyle.

Famous for its marijuana vending machines - they really are a sight to be seen as a row of electronic vending devices filled with all sorts of canna-goodness is safely within reach

A membership is required to access the BCPS and their services. There are three ways to become a member at the BC Pain Society.

Overall, it is a surprisingly painless process.

So for great prices, amazing selection, the novelty and safety of buying your cannabis from a vending machine, the BCPS cannot be beat. Their knowledgeable staff is there to help educate and inform you as to what may be ideal for you.

For more information on the BC Pain Society and its services visit and become a member today!

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