Southern BC's Okanagan Cannabinoid Therapy is the Okanagan Valley’s premier medical marijuana access center.




They started with a commitment to offering a vast array of exclusive products showcasing quality choices and accommodating the unique, personal needs of each of their medical marijuana patients. Okanagan Cannabinoid Therapy offers an intimate, relaxing, and safe atmosphere for patients who favor a natural approach to healing and living.


The mission goes beyond providing you with product excellence.


They are as every bit as committed to helping customers cultivate ongoing knowledge as they are to enabling you to discover the best products for your personal needs. They make sure their patients receive the most reliable information to make great choices about their health care. Okanagan Cannabinoid
heavily invests in educating the Okanagan community about the benefits of cannabis by holding seminars and having informative social media pages.



As part of their ongoing commitment to
self-regulatory behavior as well as their commitment to their patients and customers,
Okanagan Cannabinoid Therapy tests all of
their products before they hit the shelves.
Listening to their clients - they are constantly
praising Okanagan Cannabinoid Therapy
for not only the quality of products they
offer, but also the high level of service, privacy,
and respect they receive. We would highly
recommend a stop by one of their locations
and get a feel for why they are the top rated
medical access center for all things medical
marijuana in the Okanagan Valley.





Okanagan Cannabinoid Therapy is proud to announce that their supplier of Okanagan Natural products was named 1st in Sativa, Hybrid & CBD categories at the Concentrate
Cup in Vernon in September - the
good people at Okanagan Cannabinoid Therapy really seem to know their stuff.









For more on this multiple Leafly award winning dispensary chain  located in one
of the most beautiful regions in Canada visit
them online at www.okanagancanna.ca or
call them at 1-778-753-6440  if you are near Kelowna or 1-236-422-0322 if you are near Penticton.


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