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In a recent encounter with Santa in a local Mall - High! Canada Magazine discovered it had won major brownie points in 2016 with Mr. Claus and the entire North Pole organization after publishing an exclusive interview with Santa’s favorite celebrity of “all time” - that of legendary comedian Tommy Chong in our October ICBC issue. “That man has a direct line to my funny bone” Mr. Claus went on to say. Santa was “personally grateful to High! Canada for putting this interview together” and that “Mrs. Claus and the elves liked it too. I’m a big fan of Eva’s Cannalife too! The elves really dig Bruce Ryan’s monthly as well. Our shop really starts buzzing whenever we get a delivery of High! Canada Magazine in and when that issue featuring Tommy hit the snow - well let me just say - we loved it. Tommy Chong has had a special place on Santa’s nice list for years. He is always welcome at the North Pole and Eva too”. Ho Ho Ho! Have a very merry Christmas!

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