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Women in Weed - Luna Talks Budtending

High! Canada Magazine got to sit down with budtender, model and cannabis advocate Luna recently to chat. How did you get into the cannabis industry/ what lead you to become part of the industry? I first became a budtender through a modeling agency called “ DC Castings”. Drew Catherine, the creator and casting agent contacted me because of my interest in the Cannabis industry With legalization approaching & more women entering the business, what would you tell others who are interested in becoming more involved with the industry? With the dynamics of the industry changing from dominantly male to now a mix of females joining, I found researching and staying current really helped when it came to be a budtender. Knowing about products, strains and accessories made sharing this information with the customers was very beneficial. I could create a more educational experience which was beneficial to our customers when it came to choosing the right strain for themselves. Regardless of gender, enter your establishment with confidence and excitement. As tough as every day could be, working at Mother Earth Dispensary brought tips to our attention and complaints to fix. Experiencing such interactions helped the team and myself become a stronger and a more knowledgeable budtender. With budtending - there are obvious risks and challenges that come with working in dispensaries now, could you tell us some of the ones you may have faced? Like any job there are risks and challenges that most face at some point or another. Working as a budtender I found It was more the customer interactions then anything else. I found the eagerness of our customers needing their medication created a hostile environment at times which made it difficult to serve others who were a bit more patient. Experiencing such a variety of personalities has made me a better multi-tasker. I can now better understand of how to serve not only the patient but the eager customers as well.

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