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Now is the Time to Brand your Canadian Cannabis-based Company! Check out High! Canada Magazine and

We are currently booking display pages for our 2018 publishing period. We have single, half page and quarter page insertions at a page rate that won't break your marketing budget.

We print and distribute 20,000 issues monthly and get approx 5000 digital downloads per month across our download sites. We recently placed as a Finalist at the 2017 Lift Cannabis Awards for our top Instagram account and have been making great headway over the last few years establishing our brand in the Canadian Cannabis sector.

Our list of upcoming 2018 events is as follows:

  • Lift Vancouver Kickoff Party - Jan 12

  • Lift Vancouver - Jan 12 - 14

  • High! Canada Smokin' Special Launch Party - Feb 14

  • Hempfest in Edmonton on March 24 - 25

  • Lift Calgary - April 7 - 8

  • Grassroots Expo Vancouver April 7 - 8

  • National Cannabis Conference - Victoria - April 20

  • Fashion Week Gala After Party - Toronto - High Fashion Special Edition Launch Party - April 20

  • 420 Toronto - April 20

  • 420 Vancouver - April 20

  • 420 Winnipeg - April 20

  • 420 Halifax - April 20

  • 420 Ottawa - April 20

  • Lift Edmonton - April 28 - 29

  • Global Marijuana March Toronto - TBA - Early May

  • 2018 Indigenous Cannabis Cup - Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, Ont - May 18 - 19

  • Lift Kickoff Party - May 25

  • Lift Toronto - May 25 - 27

  • Canadian Cannabis Summit - Calgary June 7 - 8

  • O' Cannabiz Kickoff Party - June 7

  • O'Cannabiz - Toronto - June 7 - 8

  • ICBC - Vancouver - June 24 - 25

  • GrowUp Kickoff Party - Niagara - Sept 6

  • Grow Up - Niagara - September 6 - 8

  • Hempfest Calgary - October 13 -14

  • Hempfest Winnipeg - November 3 - 4

Email us at and we will send you our High! Canada Magazine 2018 media kit which contains information on the Magazine, our distribution and page sizing as well as a pdf that out lines our themes and deadlines for the 2018 publishing year.

February contains a cover story on the Rise of CBD Culture in Canada with a focus on Medigreen as well as our interview with Hugo Alves from Cannabis Wheaton as well as our regular features. Deadline for submission is Feb 5th.

We are producing our first standalone issue for release on Valentine's Day and it is called the High! Canada Magazine Smokin' Special featuring a new look at cannabis from a modeling perspective - full of quotes and stunning stigma-braking photography from some of Canada's best 420 themed photographers - ad spots are still available. Deadline on this special standalone issue is Feb 1st and available spots are filling up fast

March has a cover story on Dr Sana-Ara Ahmed who talks about effective pain management and cannabis. We also take a good look at professional Sports with our look at professional Athletes who use cannabis. Deadline for submission is March 5th.

Our second special standalone issue is set to coincide with Canadian Fashion Week in mid April and is going to be an oversized publication entitled the High! Canada Magazine High! Fashion issue. This is going be be an amazing opportunity for pre-legalization branding within a new sector of the Canadian population that is now turning towards cannabis with new eyes. Deadline for submission is March 15th

April is our double sized 420 issue and looks forward toward July and looks at how the legalization of Cannabis in Canada is going to change our nation. Deadline for submission is April 1st

We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any suggestions about story ideas, special content, inserts, sponsorship of any of our upcoming Industry kickoff parties or involvement in any of our new YouTube video production projects such as our High! Canada Higher Perspectives Interview showcase hosted by Phil Wong and produced by Silverpoint Media or our Tonight on High! Canada talk show as hosted by Michael Kushberry and produced by - please do not hesitate to reach out. we would love to talk to you about getting involved.

Stay Lifted!

Cy Williams Publisher/Editor High! Canada Magazine

Office: 416-452-9462

Digital Downloads available at

Finalist of the 2017 Lift Canadian Cannabis Awards - Social Media - Instagram

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