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High! Canada Magazine Best of Prohibition - Grizzlers Pre Rolls

High! Canada saw the rise of a number of amazing brands come out of British Columbia over the last few years and flourish not only across the country, but internationally as well. Grizzlers was one of those brands. Rooted deeply in BC cannabis culture - this brand took Canadians by storm with unique marketing, and a commitment to producing the best packs of branded pre rolls available. Well, they succeeded admirably. A much loved brand and highly sought after, the Grizzlers brand wooed an entire nation.

These aren't your ordinary pre rolls. Crafted by true connoisseurs, there are a few components that put Grizzlers on a whole new level. High Quality - The starting material is carefully selected by curators, with a focus on genetics, flavour and effect. Locally Grown - Each and every one of the strain selections has been sourced from beautiful, British Columbia. Small Batch - Grizzlers’ premium line of pre rolls are produced using small batch, craft cannabis, grown with expertise. From sourcing material through to customer service, the level of care and attention to detail displayed by our team consistently ensures that our customers receive the highest quality end product following every purchase. Each convenient, durable, flip-top package of Grizzlers Pre Rolls comes individually sealed for freshness. Once unwrapped, the contents will remain fresh for up to 5 days. To be sure you get the most our of your Grizzlers, store in a cool, not-so-dry environment after opening. ​​ Signature blends are produced with emphasis on quality and consistency. Available in both Indica and Sativa varieties, the line of blended Grizzlers pre rolls offer an outstanding solution for any preference. Premium Line of Grizzlers Pre Rolls render our customers an additional, higher caliber experience. These limited collections are produced using organic, small batch, craft cannabis grown by expert cultivators using only the finest genetics. Available in both Indica and Sativa, the Grizzlers Premium Line is a curated selection of strain specific pre rolls designed to offer a heightened level of satisfaction. Enjoy your consumption to the fullest with Canada's premier packaged pre rolls. Premium starting material, careful production and quality assurance ensure an optimal smoking experience, every time. Grizzlers signature Indica and Sativa blend pre rolls provide an exceptional overall experience for a great value.

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