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Choom Takes Root in Niagara as One of the First Twenty Five Stores Opening in Ontario

Choom has partnered up with Niagara business owner Lisa Bigioni to open their first-ever retail location in the Niagara Square Shopping Mall, one of only 25 to open in all of Ontario!

Choom will be offering some seriously next-level customer service and fostering a community of passionate cannabis enthusiasts – or as they like to call it, the Choom Gang - and they couldn’t be more excited to bring a little slice of paradise to the L0R. What is the Choom Gang? It’s a simple story, really. Back in 1970s Hawaii cannabis was growing abundant, tokes were billowing out over the lapping waves, and people the islands-over were sharing in the love of smoking bud (a.k.a. “chooming the pakalolo”). This was the birth of the Choom Gang, a group of buddies who loved to choom at any chance they got, and who - to shatter some stereotypes in the process - went on to become successful lawyers, writers, doctors, and, yes, a certain president of the United States of America. Now, looking back to those simpler times and to the bright future of legalized cannabis, we’re hoping to inspire that same laid-back spirit right here in Canada. But you don’t have to wait until a Choom location opens near you! There is a private Choom Gang on Facebook, a digital meeting-grounds for to share the good vibes and all things cannabis-related. (Sign up using the link below!)

To celebrate their first retail location, Choom be giving away V.I.P. access to some lucky Choom Gang members. All it takes is inviting your best buds to join the facebook group. If you’re among the 25 with the most accepted invites, you’ll be getting early beat-the-lineups access and a “green carpet” treatment at themonumental Niagara grand opening – it’s that simple! Many thanks to Lisa for this amazing opportunity!

Make sure to share the exciting news and invite your friends to join the Choom Gang, and we’ll look forward to seeing you at the grand opening – until then, aloha and choom on!

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