Talking to The Canna Canuck

October 17, 2019

High! Canada Magazine was pleased to sit down and chat with online cannabis advocate @TheCannaCanuck recently and it was fun to find out  more about this up and coming social media maven advocating heavily around cannabis.  Tell us how you got involved in the cannabis industry and what led you into career within the Canadian cannabis industry? Essentially, what is your particular cannabis industry entry point origin story?

I became involved out of necessity, rather than choice, after being hit by a dually truck . I was on five different prescription medications at one point; one potentially habit-forming and one was very damaging for the liver. When in my initial recovery, I was in a stupor. Eventually, rather than taking those pills, I was a suffering, struggling, somewhat sedentary and seriously depressed Mama of (now) 5.

My husband had been a rec user in his teens and early 20s; it was at his urging that I looked into medical cannabis as a potential for relief. I hadn't even been a rec user before, due to an admittedly stigmatized viewpoint, but cannabis truly changed things for me at first puff. Thankfully, I am now entirely prescription free! I do understand that some people must rely on medications in order to function and there is nothing wrong with that. I am simply commenting on my own personal experience and finding a safe alternative in my particular situation, although I realize that it's not possible for all.

As a result of cannabis giving me my life back, I have lost a good deal of weight, am more active, have more energy and don't have to deal with the side effects of pHARMacare on my body. Not to mention, I find that I'm more patient, present and positive throughout the day.

Have you encountered any challenges or adversity working in the cannabis space?

Cannabis does many wondrous things but, unfortunately, it doesn't change human nature. I find there to be just as many self-proclamations and self-interest within this industry as there is anywhere else, if I'm entirely honest. When I first entered with rosey-coloured glasses, I considered it would be somewhat like a commune full of stoners that all loved one another and desired the best for each other. Of course, I was stupid to not consider the evolution of the turf war, or what happens to man when you add money into the mix. I have personally had my social media attacked, simply for tagging someone else's competition. Things can get petty, combative and sad in our community too.

How did you move past these challenges?

The trick is to remember that your vibe attracts your tribe; I try to put out the positive, take an actual interest in others, remain genuine and attempt to step back from those types of situations. I don't work with individuals or companies known for the negative and I endeavor, as best I can, to keep my energy pure. It's not about what they're doing, only how I react to it. I'm not perfect by any means but I think, if we all strive to not let a lack of respect, attention or reciprocal relationships harden us against others, there could be more hope for humanity.

Advice for other women entering or thinking about  the cannabis space?

This is a new industry and now is when women need to be unafraid and unapologetic, not curtailing our visions or ourselves for anyone. We have an opportunity to shape, or even dominate and control a market. We need to remember to spend our money where it makes an impact and not back down about what we want, what's acceptable and what we will no longer tolerate.
Be prepared for your standard glass ceiling situations; And then be prepared to smash them, tapping into those feminine reserves that enable us to be uniquely, fiercely strong and delicately soft at the same time. Kick ass, shake it off, then go and get your hair done girl.

Last question - What are three things that you think everyone needs?

If you mean cannabis-related, as I review these types of things regularly on my page and all, I would say;

Bath bombs from
A solid connect, with dank bud and fast hook ups like from
That one favourite glass piece, or a solid group of guys to inspire you and teach you how to make one, like from (they run workshops).

Those are probably my top 3 go-tos, ones I truly use in my regular routine, and I promise that none of them pay me to say nice things about their products.

If you meant in life; Learning, love and purpose. We need to always be open to new concepts, ideas and skills. Love is essential, both given and received, and there isn't enough of a genuine connection for either nowadays. And purpose is necessary for any sort of drive, passion, dreams or feeling of success. If you figure out your purpose, you become a powerful weapon for change - use it wisely.



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