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A Terminator-Inspired Robot Uprising or a Cannabis Community Takeover of HVR!

We are excited to be celebrating the second issue of our 9th year of publishing High! Canada Magazine.

On behalf of our entire High! Canada Magazine team - scattered across this amazing country of ours - we would like to welcome you back to another issue of information and education centered around cannabis in Canada. As you know, we focus on the people behind the plant and we have an exciting issue for you full of phenomenal people, inspirational stories and so much love and cannabis inspired love at that! We are dropping our Issue #79 this week and have some great stories to present this issue.

On behalf of our entire team, I would like to wish you a very celebratory Black History Month and remind you to support some of the amazing Black-owned cannabis-centric companies out there that are making a real difference in our space as true champions of the plant.

Amazing women like our High! Canada Magazine long-time contributor Sabrina Mohamed aka the very wonderful TrimQueen as well as the Jamaican-born cannabis activist - Vivianne Wilson, founder of GreenPort, and Ashley Athill, Co-founder of HRVSTR - both in Ontario.

There are also awesome men like Keenan Pascal, CEO of Token Naturals in Alberta as well as Josh Creighton, Tyler Creighton and Trano Creighton - the three brothers who are also the three co-owners of Fumes Rolling Papers & Accessories in Nova Scotia. This is to name just a few of the amazing people out there fighting for both the plant and inclusivity within our industry.

On the Canadian cannabis media side of things don’t sleep on the on-point media created by Onell Crawford from the Cannabis Related podcast or own own High! Canada reporter, Debi Facey from the Collective High or Jimmi and Guz from the Fried Chicken Podcast. So many great people and if you are not supporting them in the space you should be.

This issue we also look at something a number of people are already discussing and with most discussions of this nature - there is much debate and almost every discussion of this nature ends circling around the singularity - what am I talking about?

A Terminator-inspired robot uprising?

No... Well... sort of...

If you are a writer, artist, musician, designer, marketer or entrepreneur - you have to see that the writing is on the wall and that writing was put there by artificial intelligence or for short - A.I. as it has come to be commonly known by. Our time in the sun as we knew it is over. The world it is changing and sometimes it seems to be changing faster and faster. All we can do is our best to keep up - know what I mean?

Speaking of keeping up - why not consider getting ahead?

What do I mean?

Well... let me tell you.

I was recently invited to try out a new web browsing platform - it is kind of like... if Explorer or Chrome or Firefox fell in love with social media and they had a baby - this baby was brought up by creatives and taught to excel at creating content thru communication. This program is called HVR (think hover) and it is fricking amazing! If you are a member of the cannabis space in North America or anywhere around the world - you are likely aware of the difficulties involved in running a cannabis based social media account, let alone a website or a blog or tying these all together into a web of community. I have too many apps on my phone already and while my first reaction was “Oh no! Not one more app!” .

How wrong I was because this was different.

I quickly changed my tune when I saw what HVR could do for me personally as a creator, what it could do for the magazine and for our entire community... I now had the opportunity to open one browser on my phone, use the web as I normally do, but I now had the ability to comment on any single page on the web and then have those comments and sites I had visited as easily accessible as my main Instagram feed.

My ability as a creator to drive traffic to our Youtube channel, to our website, to our content and to our media just got a level-up. I am not saying forget your current social media. If you love posting on Social Club in the morning, Youtube in the afternoon, Facebook in the evening and Twitter before bed - well keep doing that, but wouldn't it be cool to do all of that from one main site that is dedicated to your brand, your vision and your creative energy?

Ok, what’s it going to cost you? The answer is nothing - instead - it is going to put money in your pocket as the creative driving force behind your brand.

How can you get HVR? Well... a current HVR member has to invite you and lucky for you, my high Canada family. I am here to do just that...

Do you remember how the cannabis industry basically took over the job-hunting site Linkedin a few years ago?

If you work in cannabis and have a Linkedin account then you know exactly what I mean. It is my feeling that we can do the same thing here with HVR.

I challenge every cannabis based brand out there to take the opportunity to sign up for a free account while they are still free and use this extraordinary new web platform to take your sales, branding and creativity to a higher lever.

Click here to check it out

Before I forget, I would like to wish you a very happy Family Day and Valentine’s Day! In honor of Valentine’s Day this year we check out some of our favorite Canadian cannabis couples and see how cannabis helps to keep the love they have as strong and flavorful as the day they said I do...

Take care and have a happy

and high month of February!

Cy Williams


High! Canada Magazine

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