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High! Canada Magazine Product Review - Mantra Cannabis Dusk & Dawn

We were so excited to receive our box in the mail containing the Mantra Cannabis Dawn and Dusk Oil-based Tincture Drops so that we could complete a proper Product Review.

After a week of using both the Dawn 50 CBD Extract in the morning for seven days and using the Dusk THC Extract every evening before bed for seven days - we were seriously impressed. From Dawn to Dusk, Mantra Cannabis has you more than covered with their line of Premium CBD and THC oils carefully curated to enhance each and every magical moment of your day.

Mantra Cannabis's new Cannabis Extract Drops - Dawn and Dusk are sure to fly off the shelves as one of the best liquid cannabis extracts on the market.

With the CBD infused product - Dawn and the THC infused product - Dusk, these cannabis extracts are truly a dream product or magic at the very least.

Using a combination of MCT coconut oil (which gets absorbed through the liver so the cannabinoids can be broken down and absorbed at a faster rate than normal tincture) and Sea Buckthorn oil (which is rich in various vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants).

Sea Buckthorn oil can aid your heart by reducing blood pressure, as well as improving cholesterol levels, and protecting against blood clots.

That said, its effects may be strongest in people with poor heart health. and with its distinctive orange colour and unique taste - it certainly gives Mantra's product a distinctive look that sets it apart from other similar types of product.


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