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CANNAFEST CONQUERS GRAND FORKS! Lee Aaron, Prism, Streethart, Jerry Doucette, Colin Wiebe, Frank

Sponsored by the BC Pain Society, Crop King Seeds and Affinor Growers. Supported by the GOAT World Class Rock and more Canadian rock and roll legends then you can shake a stick at.

Over 5000 people in attendance over the course of the weekend and with some of the biggest names in Canadian Rock stepping up to support the event - Its no wonder the Norman Rockwell-like mountain town of Grand Forks, British Columbia is smilng. Organizer Chuck Varabioff stepped up and did what a lot of people thought he could not. He took Cannafest out of the urban sprall of Vancouver and successfully transformed it into a weekend-long outdoor music and cannabis culture festival.

Lee Aaron, Prism, Streethart, Jerry Doucette, Colin Wiebe, Franklin's Dealers, Mad Dog 2020, Whiskey Throttle, Harlequin and the Headpins were all at the top of their musical game this weekend as they each took to the stage to support Chuck and his event by performing sets in support of Cannabis legalization.

Fans were happy that most of the bands stuck around for autographs and really seemed to be enthusiastically supporting the event.

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