High! Canada Magazine Issue #56 - June/July 2020 - This summer 2020 issue of High! Canada Magazine Issue #56 takes a look at some of the incredible cannabis companies out there putting the earth first. We look at very useful industrial hemp, talk about commitment to sustainability with N2 Packaging, practical ideas for sustainable cannabis with Onit Sciences, go over the the facts about hemp plastic, discuss some recent Cannabis News you may have missed, review information about supply chains for the commercial sale of cannabis and how to become a licensed producer in BC. Plus Katskannabis reviews and Miss Linotte’s Summer Recipes too...


High! Canada Magazine Issue #55 - May/June 2020 - This special issue of High! Canada Magazine highlights Canadian Hip Hop artist and Lyricist
JD Era and takes a look at Protesting and Demonstration in Canada. With news, reviews and extra information about obtaining a Cannabis Pardon in Canada - this issue is 'Smoking Good'...

High Canada Magazine - issue 55 may june

This early Spring 53rd issue of High! Canada Magazine is our  official quarantine issue as we take the time off to  recover from our trip to Spain.


This issue contains reprints from our new High! Europe issue and we look forward to bringing you some new and original content next issue - just in time for 4/20

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This early January 2020 issue #50 of High! Canada Magazine features Bif Naked and MonaLisa Healing, John Conroy, Georges Routhier and much more...

This 2nd issue of High! Europe Magazine was created with the generous support of Onit Sciences,, One World Ventures,  The Native American Agriculture Company, and We'dShare.


This issue is our official tie in to our Tour and ICBC Barcelona

This late November 2019 issue #49 of High! Canada Magazine features information on Cannabis Substitution and information from the recent BC Centre on Substance Use - Cannabis Science Symposium on Cannabis and harm reduction: What we know and what we need to learn. This issue also looks at current business trends with Pure Sunfarms and Nameste Technologies, N2 Packaging taking a lead in sustainability, O'Cannabiz Keynote Speakers announced, news from Allied Corp., Aphria Inc. and Freedom Cannabis Inc, new research and information on cannabinoids, and much more...

November issue 49 of HighCanadaMagazine

This late fall issue #48 of High! Canada Magazine celebrates all things Legalization 2.0 in Canada with coverage on edibles, topicals, concentrates and more...

This issue also contains News, Innovation, Events information, Reviews, Patient Stories and a closer look at both the Columbia Coast Collective and the Heightened Chef Dining Experience

October issue 48 of HighCanadaMagazine w

This fall issue of High! Canada Magazine Issue #47 - September 2019 - brings you hip hop superstar Peter Jackson on the cover and an exclusive interview with Peter by Tammi Stanhope on cannabis inside.


This month's Women in Weed features are Kristen McRobie from Endometriosis & Me and Eliza Ford from the Cannabis Living Expo.

July issue 45 of HighCanadaMagazine cove

This August issue #46 of High! Canada Magazine takes a look at the evolution of legendary, Canadian Classic Rock and Roll festival - Cannafest. We also look  at the three big cannabis conferences coming up this September - the International Cannabis Business Conference lands in Vancouver for another stellar event, the grow-centric Grow Up Conference hits Niagara Falls and the consumer driven, Cannabis Living Expo comes back to Toronto. This issue also has canna-recipies, our ongoing Women in Weed features and some really inspirational patient stories too...

This July 2019 Issue #45 of High! Canada features an exclusive with legendary advocate Ted Smith and what is going on with the long standing Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club. With Canna-tourism in mind, we team up with Canaca Cannabis to show off the 10 best hiking spots in Canada.  We also look at Cannabis & Friendship with Rainbow Smith, Cannabis Misadventures with Stephanie James, Cannabis culture in Montreal with Miss LInotte and more...

August issue 46 of HighCanadaMagazine co
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Our Fifth Annual High! Canada Magazine Guide to 420 Gift Giving drops the first week of December 2019 and features some of our editorial team's favorite holiday present picks for some of our favourite companies!

This late winter issue #52 of High! Canada Magazine looks at recent cannabis news in Canada, International Women's Day in the Cannabis Industry and recreates the full marijuana for Men's Health and Body Positivity with Sisters CBD and Bree Leigh as well as a half dozen men in the Canadian cannabis industry who were willing to bare it all in support of their buds.

This early 2020 Issue #51 of High! Canada Magazine features cannabis inspired winter recipes designed to warm the heart and feed the soul. We also present the second part of our favourite Canadian heroes, advocates, visionaries and rebels and a sit down with Actress and Film Producer - Jessica Chin King.

This very special issue #54 of High! Canada Magazine features how Canadian cannabis users are coping with the current pandemic, how you can boost your immune system through new healthier habits as well as a very exclusive interview with NFL Superstar David Irving on his own very personal and inspiring story.

David Irving Cover - High! Canada Magazi
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In This issue #57 of High! Canada Magazine, we went out looking for solutions to the opioid crisis and found way more hope and promise than we thought we would find. To be honest, after pouring over Canadian Coroners reports and reams of data about just how bad the crisis has become, it was heartening to discover people and groups really dedicated to making real change happen. Featured in this new issue of High! Canada Magazine are some of the shining stars we have observed working towards ending the opioid crisis in our lifetime through #advances in research and the implementation of plant medicine into the addiction recovery equation. People like financier Shayne Nyquvest, who is helping fund the future - cannabis scientist - Dr. Pritesh Kumar - who is making headway in his groundbreaking cannabis research - thought leader in Entheogenic treatment - Dr. Alberto Sola who is changing lives with Ibogaine and champion of #health and human advancement - Payton Nyquvest who is leading the charge on micro-dosing with Numinus.

June issue 44 of HighCanadaMagazine cove

This special June 2019 Issue #44 kick off to summer issue of High! Canada Magazine features a chat with Rhonni Bonn, founder of Bliss Tea Kombucha and her team about growing a business, the future of kombucha and terpene infused possibilities. We talk to Randy Caine and Delaney Mack from Hempyz in Langley, BC about their aspirations to become a legal retail outlet of cannabis in their region. This issue also offers up a CBD primer and a closer look at CBD and Pets plus much, much more...

May issue 43 High Canada Magazine wix w

This May 2019 issue #43 of High! Canada Magazine looks at cannabis across the world. We look at the rise and continued growth of the Global Marijuana March, held each May around the globe. We speak to Clint Younge about his new adventures in Europe with Company X and explore both Europe and Jamaica with our very own Tammi Stanhope and Janine Morra. We break down how the Canadian government has responded to a recent petition on taxing medical cannabis and CBD and take a hard look at cannabis policies and practices from countries around the world.

This April 2019 issue #42 of High! Canada Magazine goes live on 420 and features cannabis and creativity, a chat with longtime radio host and most unlikely cannabis advocate Dean Blundell talking about his own person cannabis epiphany, as well as a recipe for infused pecan pie, a look at cannabis and World Health Day. We also talk to Archer at Cannabiz about cannabis marketing and Santino - treating his Cystic Fibrosis with cannabis and we hope to direct attention to his GoFundMe campaign to help raise much needed funds for a double lung transplant

April issue 42 High Canada Magazine Cove

Issue #41 - In this March 2019 Issue of High! Canada Magazine, we celebrate International Woman’s Day This issue is dedicated to as many of the amazing women in the Canadian cannabis industry of note as we could fit in. We also have an exclusive interview with Angelina Blessed as well as Women in Weed Feature Interviews with Coral Rose Carson and Stephanie James.

March issue 41 High Canada Magazine cove
December 2018 print new master 9 by 12 c

Issue #40  - this February 2019 Issue of High! Canada Magazine sits down with 

3 Sixty Secure represented in this month's new issue #40 of High! Canada Magazine. Check out our exclusive interviews with both Thomas Gerstenecker and David Hyde. This issue also features stories about Love, Security, Infused Oils, Saucy Recipes, Risque Reviews and a personal cannabis themed valentine story shared by a LGBTQ member of our High! Canada Magazine family.

Issue #39  - this January 2019 Issue of High! Canada Magazine sits down with Hip Hop Artist Classified, the team from FluroTech and our "Best of Show" at the recent Lift Expo in Vancouver. We sit down with Women in Weed Karli Thiessen and Val McColluch and list our top cannabis events of 2018. We also review both Nattilly Attired and the entire 'delush' line of products. We also take a look at Ontario's recent cannabis retail lottery.

Issue #38  - this December 2018 Issue of High! Canada Magazine sits down with Elias Theodorou, offers up some seasonal recipes, closes out 2018, reviews Rosin Star and follows up on the thriving Hamilton, Ontario cannabis scene

Our Fourth Annual Gift Giving Guide features High! Canada Magazine's recommendations for cool cannabis-themed gifts for the holidays.

January 2019 print new master 9 by 12 co

Issue #37  - this Post-Legalization November 2018 issue of High! Canada Magazine takes a look at what Innovator Rahim Dhalla is doing in Ottawa with Hybrid Pharm. We also examine some of the new advertising restrictions in Canada when it comes to Cannabis, review the hemp and gold sensation Shemen Amour plus much more...

OCTOBER #36 issue of High Canada 2018 co

Issue #36  - this Pre-Legalization October 2018 issue of High! Canada Magazine takes a looks back at the Best of Prohibition in a yearbook format - revisiting our smaller size for one more time before we relaunch for good with the oversized issues and the regulated market next month. This month we talk to Virginia Vidal - founder of Marys Wellness as well as Terry Roycroft - founder of MCRCI and 210 Canada. We also take a hard look at edibles and gear up for  the end of Prohibition in Canada.

AUG #34 issue of High Canada 2018 LARGER

Issue #34 - August 2018 issue of High! Canada Magazine features  a 'one-on-one' exclusive interview with MMJ Canada CEO, Clint Younge, High! Canada Magazine looks at mental health awareness, we talk to KhronikKreations, Marigold PR and the Cannabis Supply Co. as well as explore Hamilton as one of the new cannabis-based hot-spots in Ontario. Plus much, much, more...

Issue #35 - the September issue of High! Canada Magazine features  a very VERY exclusive interview with both Remo and Sandra!  High! Canada Magazine also looks at high CBD hemp farming with Chelsea Cunningham, we review a few awesome products and give you the 411 on what to expect come legalization next month!

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