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This issue #76 of High! Canada Magazine features a deep dive into tissue culture science with Segra and we dedicate this issue to Elias Theodorou.

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This issue #75 of High! Canada Magazine features a look at the GrowUp Conference, Awards and Cannabis Cup being held in Niagara Falls, Canada. We also examine the concept of Cannabis CEO's 3.0 with Healthview Pharms and companies knocking it out of the park like Dunn Cannabis and Distinkt Cannabis.

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This Summer issue #74 of High! Canada Magazine (HCM) features summer cannabis cocktail recipes from Averi Infusions,  an interview with the TrimQueen herself, as well as a look at the EY Parthenon Report presented to the Cannabis Council of Canada looking at an Economic Analysis of Cannabis Excise Duties, Mark-ups and Regulatory Fees...

All this and detailed instructions on how to roll a variety of fun joints courtesy of Xander Landry!

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High! Canada Magazine Issue #73 focuses on the month of June 2022 and showcases the Growup Conference coming up in Victoria BC, Flowr and Pardons Canada ongoing collaboration, an interview with Tony Lawand - the Godfather of CBD now looking into the future of cannabis and crypto, tips for stoner parents and an exclusive feature interview with Albert Eppinga from
BC Cannabis Inc.

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This May 2022 issue #72 of
High! Canada Magazine
celebrates the Lift&Co. Expo, we look at Pure Sunfarms intersecting cannabis and art, we also speak to Beena Goldenburg, CEO of Organigram and Niel Marotta, CEO of Indiva, we look into Ghost Drops and much, much more...

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This April 420 2022 issue #71 of High! Canada Magazine celebrates 420 in style with Pistol and Paris Interview with Dylan King, Terpenes explained, cannabis news items and more...

Happy 420 Canada!

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This March 2022 issue #70 of High! Canada Magazine features a celebratory issue in honour of Women's History Month and International Women's Month. We highlight Mila the Hash Queen,  We also feature exclusive interviews with Halle Pennington from the Humboldt Seed Company and TrimQueeninc420 too!

We look at some of the super powered organizers behind some of Canada's biggest and best cannabis Events and cannabis trade-shows featuring Danya Dixon from O'Cannabiz - Donna Johnson from LiftandCo and Kathryn Reilly from Cannexpo!

Plus! Grow tips and more!

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This late winter 2022 issue #69 of High! Canada Magazine features a look at an upcoming Advocacy Virtual Event, we do a deep dive into the return of the fabulous, furry Freak Brothers, an exclusive interview with Zach Riauka, who represents the rise of the generation of cannabis visionaries respecting tradition, inclusion and quality. We also take a look at CBD-A with Dr, Rupert Holmes Smith, check out the upcoming International Women’s Day Film Series in Ontario and check in with Trim Queen on the best hemp based accessories on the market. Cannabis recipes, Grow tips and more!

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This new issue #68 of High! Canada Magazine celebrates the beginning of a new year with a special focus on people, companies and groups that we are watching in 2022. From brands to watch,  our favourite companies keeping your cannabis fresh to our top cannabis packaging and training facilities we laying out the best of the best as we head into a brave new year. We are proud to place the focus on Robert W.E. Laurie and showcase what Canada’s premiere Cannabis and Psychedelic lawyer has to say about 2022.


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This issue #67 of HCM (High! Canada Magazine contains celebrations with Remo and Weeds as Don Briere and Carol Gwilt persevere against all odds to bring back community and culture with the opening of their second legal Weeds shop in Vancouver. We interview Heather Huff-Bogart about her Northern Ontario cannabis-fueled dreams of owning a legal shop that have now come true.

As an insert,  inside this issue, we proudly present our 6th annual HCM Gift Giving Guide for Stoners, talk about 12 rules to being a better stoner over the holidays and more...


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This harvest issue of High! Canada Magazine - HCM issue #66 features a look at cannabis celebrity endorsement in Canada, legal shop news, the legal rise of Canada's original cannabis power couple, industry news and more...

Ask your local legal cannabis shop to carry #HCM

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This new All New All Legal HCM issue #65 is our first legal issue distributed across Canada at  legal Cannabis shops. Ask your local legal cannabis shop to carry #HCM

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