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Franklins Dealers ! Beyond Awesome at CANNAFEST 2015

An amazing show this weekend in Grand Forks, BC by a guitar driven riff rock band from Vancouver BC, reaching back in time and place to create a fresh and uniquely classic sound. The Dealers are Nick Brusatore vocals, Dean Kruger guitar, Marco Tambasco bass, Joe Wowk guitar and Frank Baker drums.

Nick Brusatore, lead vocalist, is also founding member of Franklins Dealers. Not only is he their lead singer but he plays the piano and co-writes their music. Starting young, Nick has always had a love for music and started Franklins Dealers by having Friday night jam sessions with his friends to blow off some steam. He always dreamed Franklins Dealers would turn into more then just a hobby and now he is driven to take them to the top. Nick is inspired by ACDC, Rush and The Guess Who.

Dean Kruger, riff master extraordinare, started playing the guitar at the age of 8 years old after being inspired by his 4 older cousins. Dean began writing his own music from day one and has refined his style throughout the years. Dean remains big fan of early 70’s rock and incorporates that sound into his music. He is inspired by Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath & The Grateful Dead. His mission is to keep the spirit of classic rock alive. Dean is also one of the founding members of Franklins Dealers.

Joe Wowk has over 30 years experience as a professional musician. To his credits, Joe has performed in over 5000 live shows since the age of 15. He has played with Sweeney Todd, Prism, Toronto, Chrissy Steele, Darby Mills, and has also toured with Bryan Adams, Jethro Tull, Kim Mitchell, Trooper,and many more.He has won “The Best in the West” guitar contest two years in a row, and is an experienced, award winning recording artist, operating “Stonefinger Studio” out of Greater Vancouver.Joe holds artist endorsements with Radial Engineering, Tonebone Guitar Pedals, Primacoustics and Millennia Preamps.

Frank Baker’s love of the drums began when he was nine years old and his father bought him his first drum kit, and at ten years old he played his first professional gig with his cousin. Frank began studying under Larry Olsen at eleven, who placed him in a marching band that would play at the home games for the BC Lions. Frank’s real success started at 14 with the recording of a full album and a single that was on full rotation on Much Music. He studied at VCC in the jazz program, and moved onto progressive rock. Frank has achieved many great things in music such as touring and headlining in Japan, recording with Vancouver producer Rolf Henneman, appearing on the Disney Channel’s “So Weird” series, joined “Prism” on tour and was part of their roster for three years before moving on to “Trooper”. With “Trooper”, Frank played some of the largest venues in North America with crowds of over 50,000 people.

Marco Tambasco started playing bass at the age of 13 years old while studying music theory. Marco started professionally playing bass and backup vocals in 1986 in an array of ordinal bands as well as cover bands. Some of his music has been published for well known TV, films, and has toured across Canada and the US. Marco has obtained an Engineers degree and he has produced music in some on Vancouver’s top recording studios. Marco currently plays the bass and backup vocals for Franklins Dealers.

fore more info about the band and upcoming shows visit then at

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