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BC PAIN SOCIETY Chuck Varabioff, Executive Director of the B.C. Pain Society which houses and runs Canada’s first marijuana vending machines. In a nutshell - Chuck provides access to affordable medicine for countless Canadians.

Since opening in February 2014, Chuck and the BC Pain Society have made headlines around the world with his vending machine initiative and made medical marijuana users happy with his compassionate prices, great staff and high-quality medicine.

The Marijuana Vending Machines were created by Chuck Varabioff, Director of operations at BC Pain Society, 2908 Commercial Drive,

BC Pain Society also houses and runs Canada's first marijuana vending machines out of it`s Vancouver dispensary.

Offering a phenomenal selection of strains, daily specials, concentrates and me

dibles - these Marijuana Vending Machines make getting your medicine easy and affordable and to be honest - a little fun as well.

A serial entrepreneur, Chuck is always looking for ways to give back to the community and the yearly Cannafest music festival is the perfect way to combine the power of rock music with the education of the healing power of pot.

BC Pain Society, Located at 2908 Commercial Drive in Vancouver BC is one of the fastest growing and most reasonaby priced medical marijuana dispensaries in North America. BC Pain Society (Best Cannabis Pain Society) is in NO WAY AFFILIATED WITH or part of Pain BC.

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