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How did cannabis come to Canada?

A good question!

There is little evidence to suggest that the natives of the continent introduced the white settlers to the cannabis plant or its psychoactive properties. So who then?

As far as historical research can suggest, the earliest known evidence points to Louis Hebert - Champlain’s apothecary. There is evidence to suggest he introduced the cannabis plant to North American white settlers in 1606. Over all though. settlers did not discover the psychoactive properties of cannabis until the end of the 19th century.

The cannabis plant was widely grown across North America for its use as a fibre in clothing and cordage and to provide sails and rigging for ships. The pilgrims also planted hemp soon after its introduction, and used it to cover their wagons.

Colonial governments realized quite quickly the profits that could be made from the production of cannabis fibre (hemp).

King James I commanded the American colonists to produce hemp, and later in 1619, the government of the colony of Virginia imposed penalties on those who did not produce cannabis, and awarded bounties for cannabis culture and manufacture.

Interesting how things wound up turning out...

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