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There is something to be said for a company or a manufacturer who knows how to stay well ahead of the curve.

To anticipate what one's target market wants or needs before they even do - and this is where JUJU Joints receives top marks from us here at Rolling Stoned Magazine.

We have been watching with interest as e-cigarettes began to make their way into popular Canadian society and we wondered aloud how long it would be before a Cannabis-related company was smart enough to delve into that market.

As I watched oils and concentrates make their way into a blossoming mainstream Canadian market I knew that this had potential to be big – and then I ran into my first JUJU joint. I was incredibly excited to try one and when I did I was not disappointed.

The size of an e-cigarette and way more discreet then a joint, I was able to manage my dose effectively without reeking of weed from having just smoked a joint.

To have had the foresight to conceive this and to work with oil partners who only use CO2 to extract the finest oil from premium marijuana and exceptional hemp and then manufacture and market these amazing little vaporizers – is simply amazing to me. Timing, really is everything and it is my belief that JUJU Joints was well ahead of the curve here with this amazing product. By the way... bonus points for packaging and superb marketing. That JUJU Joints manufactures the ideal vaporizer designed specifically for cannabis and hemp delivery at a time in the Canadian Market where is would be best received is beyond brilliant.

For more information on JUJU Joints visit them online at or on Twitter as

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