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High There!

Well things as always seem to happen in the summer. This summer being no exception...

My inaugural Canadian 420 publication - Rolling Stoned Magazine (which ran from March til August of 2015) was met with much approval and fanfare. We put together six good issues and I feel we did a great job of spreading the word about the power of Cannabis in our fair country. From the Global Marijuana March to Pride Toronto to Cannafest in British Columbia - I would like to say that I was out there at these events proudly advocating for a day when Marijuana would truly be legal. I am optimistic that day is coming soon.

Rolling Stoned was a good idea and just like any other idea - the concept of an mostly irrelevant, celebrity-driven marijuana magazine had both it’s time and it’s place. That time ran its course over the summer and out of the ashes so to speak - a new idea was born - that of HIGH! Canada.

A magazine that will grow with its target audience as we boldly walk into a new age of enlightenment - knowing in our heart of hearts that marijuana helps people.

It is my feeling that HIGH! Canada will be every bit as successful as it’s forefathers and we will continue to focus on the things that matter to Canadian cannabis enthusiasts from coast to coast.

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