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The polls hadn’t even closed in Canada when news organizations across Canada started calling a Liberal government and then before we knew it - it was being called a Liberal majority.

Justin Trudeau’s party went from a distant third in the polls barely a month before the election to sweeping Atlantic Canada, much of Quebec, the urban centres of Ontario and even spots in Alberta’s Conservative strongholds.

After the Liberals finish celebrating their amazing comeback victory, they will still have to govern and they have a big set of promises to start working on as well.

Aside from Mr. Trudeau’s promises to bring in TAX changes – hikes for the highest earners, cuts for middle-income Canadians – within his first 100 days.

He’ll also reverse the Conservative government’s doubling of TFSA limits and the income splitting they introduced for families with young children.He will launch an Inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women. Trudeau has pledged to build a “renewed relationship” with Canada’s indigenous people.Revamped child benefits. One of Trudeau’s most ambitious – and costly – promises is a Canada Child Benefit that replaces all existing child benefits with one that’s geared to income. So families with young kids with household incomes below $200,000 will get more money (and it’ll be tax-free), but families making more than that will get $0.

Another of the things that Mr. Trudeau has said he’d do is legalize and regulate marijuana. He says doing so will make it harder, not easier, for young people to get it and cut out organized crime. The fine print of how it would be regulated and taxed has yet to be worked out, however.

We will all be watching those forst 100 days with bated breatth.

Good Luck Mr. Trudeau!

It certainly is an exciting time to be a Canadian.

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