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Marijuana Seeds Germination: Step-by-Step Procedure

Growing marijuana from cuttings is skipping the process of seed germination but if you are growing cannabis starting from seeds, germination is a requirement before transplanting them in either indoor or outdoor weed garden. In pot growing, do not throw away your money and time by germinating poor quality marijuana seeds and not doing the proper way of seed germinating. Germinating pot seeds involves a few simple steps but it also requires careful attention.

Growing pot from seeds takes time because you need to go through the process of seed selection, germination time, vegetative and flowering phases. Not all have a high success rate in seed germination especially those who are newbies in weed growing. Knowing the right method of pot seed germination and cannabis growing will give you success.

Process of Marijuana Seed Germination

Step 1– Set up the germination area and gather all necessary equipments

First and one of the most important things you should do is to set up your working space. Keep it clean and ensure that the area will not be exposed to direct sunlight. Pot seeds will germinate well if provided with moisture and let stayed in a dark and warm room. Gather all the necessary tools for germinating marijuana seeds before you start doing the process. You will need small plates or trays, mist sprayer and paper towels.

Step 2– Moisten the paper towels and place your cannabis seeds

Moistened the kitchen paper towels and place it over the small plate or tray. Place the cannabis seeds and cover them with another sheet of paper towel. Then, cover it with another plate. Make sure that paper towels are moistened enough and never let them dry.

Step 3– Place the pot seeds to be germinated in a dark and warm area

The area where you will allow the pot seeds to germinate should be warm and dark. Never allow direct sunlight to reach your cannabis seeds.

Step 4– Check on the marijuana seeds regularly

Always keep an eye on your pot seeds and make sure they are receiving enough moisture. Add a drop of water or two on the paper towel regularly. Keep the seeds moist but never over-soak them. Just enough moisture will allow proper seed germination.

Start your weed growing project by germinating seeds with good genetics and high germination rate. Use the best method of seed germination. When seeds have finally sprouted, handle them with care when you begin transplanting them in your preferred grow medium because marijuana sprouts are fragile during this stage.

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