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High There!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! We love the holidays and we love cannabis so this issue is devoted to combining the two together into a kind of Cannabismas A season that transcends beyond a simple holiday and combines all the best aspects of the traditional and well respected Hanukkah, Kwanza, Christmas and of course 420... To be honest though, all Cannabismas is - is the addition of marijuana to any of these fine holidays.

As a stoner its easy to feel left out of the holidays - but let me assure you Cannabismas is not without its hazy benefits as far as faux holidays go. Forget Mistletoe, embrace the Northern Lights strain as the one to kiss under this year. Guaranteed to work - every time.

This issue we offer up some of the best stoner gifts we could find in our High! Canada Guide to Holiday Gift Giving.

We looked over quite a few products and let me tell you that the decisions we made were not easy ones. So many new cool toys and marijuana-related products to choose from - it really was not easy to weed out the best - but we gave it a decent go anyways. I hope it helps you pick out great gifts for the stoners in your life.

We had a chance to show off November's issue to Prince of Pot - Marc Emery at a recent Toronto Opening of the new Cannawide Top Shelf Dispensary and then we showed him the December issue at the opening of the 416 Medicinal Health Clinic. He gave both very HIGH! marks indeed...

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