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The very lovely Miss Mary Jane Backwoods - known for her work in Cannabis legalization and her zealous support of all things cannabis.

We recently had Miss Mary Jane down to the High! Canada office for a session and while providing the sweetest of eye candy for this issue’s 420 Stoner Pinup page she also had a few thoughts on the state of Marijuana in Canada and around the world today.

“as someone who travels a lot - let me tell you first hand that marijuana use is very popular around the world. Mexico and Jamaica and my most beloved destinations. You would be amazed at how many of the resorts are 420-friendly! The best weed I had recently was locally grown and produced and called Lime Haze - available from the good guys down at Toronto Holistic Cannabinoids - those guys know their weed! lol “

“As some who vaporizes I can tell you that I love my Volcano and I have a bit of a crush on these new little portable vaporizers like this one I am smoking on the left from Juju Joints. Awesome taste and buzz. I highly recommend trying one out.”

“My advice to would be cannabis crusaders? Get out there and be a part of history.”

“Its now or never!” See you at 420 <3 ; )

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