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Waking up from slumber as my consciousness slips into this babylonian bustle of beings, I slowly allow my feet to hit the ground. I intentionally focus on deep shamangelic breathes to reconnect me back to my source.

Today’s a chocolate for breakfast kind of day. I can feel it calling for me from the fridge. Just a little sliver with morning rituals is exactly how my cannabis and cacao journey begins. Sativa sweetness pours itself over my palate and I pause to appreciate the ignition of my heart chakra.

Can my medicine really be this satisfying? Like the power of lovers and the secret moments that are shared only between their souls, my love for cacao and cannabis is mighty. My mind soon begins to roam through spaces of gratitude and awareness as I prepare for my day.

With the cannabis working its magic throughout my body and mind, I set intention on self-love, stretching, and positive hopes for the hours ahead. This intake ritual relaxes me, it stimulates my brain and gently urges me into a state of physical bliss. Low and slow keeps me with my flow.

My days run smooth as cannabis soothes the triage management in my life. Raw and powerful, cannabis chocolate enables users to travel with less paranoia of smell which leaves room for convenient cannabliss.

To be continued in this month's issue of High! Canada

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