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High! Canada sits down with Spliff!

Spliffs Mackenzie, aka Yvette, started smoking weed in high school and was an instant stoner. She studied Business Marketing and worked as Marketing Manager for an environmental company for 3 years, but felt she could never fully be herself there. In that time she developed a following in the stoner community on instagram as @SpliffsMackenzie and started spending time in Toronto’s vapor lounges as a release from her corporate life. She fell in love with these communities and their ability to bring together so many like-minded but different types of people, for being a creative outlet and open platform to share, educate, and laugh, and for welcoming her in with open arms. In 2014, Spliffs started working part time at Vape on the Lake where she was an instant fit, which soon made her realize what she had thought of as her recreational hobby had developed into a full fledged passion.

Support from the cannabis communities both online and within Toronto gave her the confidence to quit her day job and commit to the cannabis industry full time, and she hasn't looked back! She was an original member of the event promotions group The High 5, and still occasionally dons a green wig to attend events with them. Spliffs is thankful for cannabis for granting her so many great friends, some of which have become like family, and for acting as a daily guide through life.

She has proudly used cannabis daily for the last 12 years and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Puff on, Spliffs!

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