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Women in Weed - Retha Zafino From the Anandamide Bliss and Wellness Studio

Retha Zafino is an entrepreneur working in the Cannabis field here in Canada and lives in the hub of Cannabis culture in Victoria BC. Retha is a collaborator at the Anandamide Bliss and Wellness Studio in Victoria and brings her genius to her community.

Retha is also a nutrition live blood analyst, massage therapist, aroma therapist and medical Qigong practitioner - using self healing modalities which helped heal her to own body while teaching others to do the same.

In Retha’s own words she tells us that “years ago, one never knew what strain of marijuana they were acquiring from their neighborhood recreational supplier. As I was discovering myself as a young woman, I enjoyed the odd joint after work to help me unwind from the day. Over the years I developed some lung issues and I started looking into other ways of consuming cannabis other than smoking it. I started asking the universe for the information I needed and the people I needed to help me find an alternative to smoking as it was not an option for me to go into a regular medical system due to my own personal belief system - I was instead asking my own body what it needed and what it wanted - I made the switch over to Rick Simpson Oil.”


“I realized my body reacted differently to the strains and I started recognizing the inconsistency of the healing effects on my body. So I began to self-study online with people like Rick Simpson and started learning more about it. When I came to Victoria it was and hearing about the concept of safe distribution, I went home feeling no guilt about being able to take this God given plant. I felt the plant was being treated with the respect it deserved. I felt absolutely no guilt in wanting this ‘as my medicine’ and for the first time I began to see the freedom in my own release of guilt on many levels. I believe all OUR medicine comes from our mother earth being in flow with our feminine energy ”.

“Cannabis brings me in balance with my softness by relaxing me to state of NOW. I believe when you are guided to understand the correct stain and dose for your particular outcome of desire, then it is in OUR best interest to have the education for everyone involved. I have witnessed miracles with my own body - I have learned to understand how the human cannabinoid system works in conjunction with my own scientific experiments in the psychological and emotional use of this amazing nurturing plant. This plant that is here to assist in the raising of the feminine energy on planet earth and here to bring balance to our very masculine world. I feel that this plant has brought back balance within myself ” .

"I see myself being in balance between my own masculine energy and that of my feminine. An edible opens a channel without the passed dogma - that is when the grace is revealed and we see it without. “No one was talking about the Endocannabinoid system and safe distribution until I met Alex Abellan, the found er of National Access Cannabis. When he and I began to collaborate and I began to understand what he was bringing into the industry and then combined my own creation of a message to the world that I wanted to bring, well, this led to the Anandamide Bliss and Wellness Studio”.

“This is where we educate people on how to purge toxins from the body, change old ways of thinking, teach them to how to tonify with natural remedies and use different modalities with doctors and holistic practitioners. By uniting the whole mind, body and spirit together and showing people that they themselves can become their own best healthcare providers, we can help people live fuller and more fulfilling lives. Empowering people through understanding”.

“WE wanted to teach the community how to reconnect OUR own relationship with Cannabis in a healthy productive way, because it is deeply connected to our DNA. Simply by understanding this knowledge of the connection- will bring this medicinal power house the respect it deserves. As it has been proven - it’s power is more than just a high and this has been demonstrated in my own personal triumphs over pain

with my own body. Cannabis is an amazing healing plant. It has personally allowed me to embrace my creativity and heal many aspects of my life. I wanted to share my knowledge and experience with others and help them heal themselves. Anandamide Bliss and Wellness Studio is that desire in reality. Dedicated to helping educate people on their ability to heal themselves with this wonderful plant”.


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