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Pleasure Peaks February

Hey Lovers!

I spoke at the Women Grow International Leadership Summit a few days ago and want to share all the amazing tips from my co-panelist! I spoke on the “Sex, Intimacy & Cannabis” panel along side wonderful women like Kym Farris, Curator of 4 Love Oil and Raea Campbell, Founder + CEO of Bosom Wellness. I interviewed both of them to get those juicy tips we al crave. The conference had hundreds of women from all over the world working in the cannabis industry, it was girls gone wild… over weed. Our panel was very successful with a large number turn out, because, WOMEN LOVE SEX. Yeah I said it, that’s why we love our toys and Valentine’s Day is around the corner, are you lovers ready?? Most couples are busy with everyday like, like school, work, family obligations. How are you planning to connect with your lover for Valentine’s Day. Thinking of making a weedy lovers night? Here are five tips for you’re cannabis enhanced Valentine’s Day.

5 Gift Ideas for Men + Women!

1. Bud Bouquet! You can do it! Do you want to have the best gift ever? Call your local grower and see if you can make a request. The cannabis industry is very innovative and easy to connect with, they’d love to help, try asking in your local cannabis community first.

2. Take a Partner Ganja Yoga class to take some time for your relationship! Get intimate with intention in bonding poses and get cozy and cuddly during the savasana. The House of Yoga offers cannabis enhanced yoga class in Toronto, located at 714 Bloor st. w. Give them a call and ask for the partner yoga class schedule.

3. FOOD. Everyone loves food, but making your partner their favourite dish for a special night can be romantic. Try adding aphrodisiacs in their deserts or appetizers, like cannabis, chocolate, oysters, or maca powder.

4. Three Words, Couple. Spa. Day. Feeling loved and feeling pampered are similar in the sense we feel that we are being taken care of and let all worries fade away. This also makes it easier to have more intimacy later in the bedroom and can be great for those working couples.

5. Take them on a weekend getaway, Pleasure Peaks offers cannabis couples retreats for lovers. They have one right before Valentine’s Day in Muskoka, On.

What are your secrets for a lasting relationship? How do you plan for a special night out? Do you have any Sex and Intimacy Tips or do you have any sex, relationship or intimacy questions? I'm here to help you out with anything under the belt - send your questions to Keeping all names confidential, your questions may be in the next article!

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