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How to be Nutritionally High

Hi I am here with David Posner, CEO of Nutritional High. Thanks for joining us. What do you have planned for Canada? Well it’s really interesting because I am born and bred in Toronto, so we have been publicly traded in Canada, and we were the first Canadian company to start focusing in on the USA marijuana industry. Our focus started and I guess you could say we first got our feet wet starting with Canopy Growth, doing consulting on the extraction side. We started off with creating some gel caps and different forms of pills. Now what we are focused on now is we really want to see the regulations, we have really been looking closely at the regulations, and are they going to allow edibles? Are they going to allow vaping? And just the different products to see, trying to see how we will go forward in Canada. We have been in talks with variety of different LP’s, but presently we are not going to make a major move in Canada, until we know where the actual legislation stands. Well I for one would love to see you products in Canada. So, what would you say is the main difference with your company? Our company focus is different from an LP as we don’t grow. We have a company mandate not to grow. We work with different grow partners but we want to be the people that are just focused on extraction, the other thing too is that we do not use CO2 in our extraction, like the other LP’s do throughout Canada. We do an ethanol based extraction that makes a product called the “clear”, it’s a higher quality, higher THC and it’s also at a higher price point in the US market place. We wanted to focus on the oils and the unique edible side. Our CEO, Jim Frazier has been making chocolates for 25 years, so we are obviously going to market and emit products like chocolates and gummies, but we wanted to have a unique product in the market place, so over the next few months you are going to see a variety of new products that have not hit any of the dispensaries in the United States. So that’s our goal, the “uniqueness” of our products, and to become the most high tech oil makers in the US. Very impressive! So what is your stock outlook for the next year? Presently, we are trading around a $30 million market cap, out stock market symbol is EAT on the Canadian Securities Exchange. We really believe that the stock is at a low point right now, it traded a lot higher it traded at the 40’s during the US election, when California was legalizing, so were Nevada, Massachusetts and a variety of other states that went medical, so there was a lot of attention to this. As you know when Trump came in, the stocks started to go down as people didn’t know how he was going to approach it and what we have now seen is that he is not going to go after the marijuana market in the US. We find not only that it was a good thing that Trump got in but a great thing, as it will give us another 40 years to actually create a great market share in a whole variety of different states, before we think some of the major players are going to come in. You know even when we go to Marijuana trade shows and different Cannabis Cups throughout the US, before companies like InBev, Pepsi even and some of the food and pharmaceutical companies, they were kind of going around not even wearing badges. Now, they are straight hogging hospitality suites wearing badges. So they have an eye on the industry and what we really want to do is keep the product at a pharmaceutical level and a food grade level, and establish a whole variety of licenses throughout the states so we think we will be a ”take out target”. We really believe with some of the other comparables with Marapharm in the $70 million dollar range, with Maple Leaf Green Roll in the $70 million dollar market cap, we’re a much more developed and established company both on the revenue side and on the licensing side, and we think we are highly undervalued. Our market goal is obviously to get to their level plus. We would like to see our stock more than double and get to that $70 million dollar market cap.

Well thank you very much and all the best. Hopefully we will see the Jimi Hendrix line in Canada soon!

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