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Jason and Aurelia Vaillancourt opened Growers Paradise in Brampton, Ontario in February 2013 and very quickly became your one stop shop for all your grow gear, nutrient, hydroponic and extraction needs. Servicing all the GTA and surrounding area. At Growers Paradise our exceptional service, knowledgeable staff and prices no one can beat has made us Ontario’s premier hydroponic retail outlet.

To ensure you’re are getting the best for your plants we have developed the Ganja Brands nutrient line up, a pharmaceutical grade nutrient comprised of only the best raw ingredients available to us in Canada. At Growers Paradise, we are also extraction experts, and with concentrates becoming more popular in the industry we want to ensure you are getting the best possible equipment to ensure your safety. Whether you are a hobbyist grower or a large commercial facility we can get you want you need when you want it. With accounts with the largest suppliers in the industry we have everything you could possibly need to meet any of your growing and extraction needs.

The motto of Growers Paradise is striving to build customers for life something the Vaillancourt’s’ learned while working for one of Canada’s top retailers Canadian Tire Corp and have applied it to running Growers Paradise, and with 17 years of growing experience we know we have a formula for success.

Our bright inviting store front is always fully stocked with all the best equipment in the industry at the best possible prices, if you ever see a better price then what we have on our products lets us know and we will price match any other competitors price out there. Business is booming and we respect every dollar our customers spend. We know you work hard for your money and want to ensure you are not only getting the best possible equipment but the best possible advice. At Growers Paradise we are growers, licenced under the ACMPR and we want the ensure you can get the best possible results from your medicine. With years of hands on growing experience we have the knowledge to make sure you are walking out of the store not only with the tools for your success but with the confidence to use your equipment to its full potential. With growing your own becoming more and more popular repeat customers are now the norm and will regularly stop by just to say hi and see how things are going. While we love to see old friendly faces, the referrals from our customers have brought in many new faces to the industry and helped our business grow and have given us the ability to expand the business into new ventures. Over the last 2 years Jason and the team at Growers Paradise have been working closely with a team of top quality scientists to build the Ganja Brands nutrient line up. A nutrient line up tailored specifically for the cannabis community. Containing only the finest chelates and pharmaceutical grade mineral salts available in Canada; therefore, increasing the plants ability to absorb the essential nutrients that it needs to grow and thrive. Our full line up of product is guaranteed to provide you with everything you will need to be able to produce the best possible medicine. We are so sure that you will love the results you will get with Ganja Brands that we stand behind them 100 percent with a money back guarantee. From roots to flowers we have got you covered. Our Ganja Roots product delivers the key beneficial needed to accelerate rigorous root growth and health ensure your plants can uptake essential nutrients they need, healthy roots are the foundation to any plants ability to grow and thrive. The Ganja Thrive a favorite nutrient formula containing B-vitamins specifically to strengthen and promote the plants ability to uptake essential macro and micro nutrients. While easing plants stress to produce large dense flowers and preserve overall health and stability. Ganja Candy is essential throughout all stages of the plants growth with its combination of simple and complex carbohydrates and amino acids gives you plant the energy needed to produce dense sticky flowers and strong healthy roots. Our Ganja Cal-Mag carries the highest grade of chelated iron available on the market, guaranteeing your plants have the calcium magnesium they need to transport the vital nutrient and oxygen the plant needs to promote vigorous growth and development through all stages of growth. Ganja Monster is formulated to be used specifically throughout the flower phase and will reward you with bigger dense flowers, increased oil and trichome production guaranteeing a full finish. But what would any nutrient line up be with out a good base?

Taking place May 26-28, Growers Paradise is a platinum sponsor and we are looking forward to meeting more new faces in the industry and expanding the company even further. Come on down to the store and see for yourself Jason and the team have everything you will need and are conveniently located in the north end of Brampton, we are open six days Monday thru Friday 10am-6pm and on Saturdays from 10am-4pm.

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