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Looking into the Future of Cannabis in Canada with Women Grow!

Over the last few years, the Woman Grow organization has been at the forefront in North America cannabis culture - paving the way for literally thousands of women to start and maintain a career in cannabis and inviting women across the USA and Canada to connect and educate; to inspire and empower the next generation of cannabis industry leaders. Meeting across the US and Canada during the first week of every month - Woman Grow welcomes 1500+ women into the cannabis industry in over 35 cities every month. They do this by creating programs, a sense of community and belonging within the cannabis industry as well as by hosting events for aspiring and current cannabis business executives. Woman Grow was founded in Denver, Colorado as an entity that serves as a catalyst for women to be able to influence and succeed in the US and Canadian cannabis sectors as cannabis prohibition begins to occur on a national level.

THE RELAUNCH Women Grow recently relaunched on April 6th 2017, with Antuanette Gomez and Melissa Rolston as the Toronto Market Leaders. This is not the first time the two have worked alongside one another in the cannabis industry. When Gomez was nominated to lead the Women Grow Toronto Market, she asked Rolston to co-run it with her. Over the years Rolston and Gomez have learned how to navigate prohibition and support one another whenever faced with either sexism or ageism. This discrimination has fueled their drive and the Women Grow Toronto initiative. Women Grow as a collective, supports diversity in the cannabis industry and cultivates entrepreneurs who are aspiring industry leaders. The Toronto Market aims to protect and assist transitioning “grey market” pioneers into the legal framework and provides start-ups with the essential tools to succeed in the industry which includes helping them access investment funds, legal counsel, expand their networks and much more. THE GROWTH The Toronto Market launch was a huge success featuring 3 trailblazing female lawyers, Alice Tseng (Blakes), Arlene Mack (Osler), and Sasha Toten (Minden Gross), who have pivoted their law practice towards the cannabis industry. The discussion surrounded ways to stay within the legal framework of the industry, the skills required to get the job done correctly, and most importantly, the parallels women climbing the corporate ladder face in both our industries. WGT had close to 100 attendees from across Canada ranging from industry executives, to university grads, craft cannabis artisans, and people curious about the new market and industry. The buzz surrounding the Women Grow brand is strong and they were fortunate to have FLARE Magazine cover the media of their launch. WGT mentioned how “[they] would be nothing without [their] team and are very thankful for the incredible women who lend their support and time in order to make the Signature Networking Events (“SNE”) a success.” Women Grow host their SNE’s on the first Thursday of every month across all markets, and the Toronto market has gained new interest every month since their launch back in April of this year. Gomez, Rolston and their team are currently working on developing more events in addition to their SNE’s which will include: Yacht Mixers, Nail Bar Events, Women’s Brunches, and much more! THE FUTURE Canada loves WG, and for that they’re expanding rapidly! They won’t spoil any surprises although the Women Grow Toronto team hope to plan more extravagant events in the following years. Women Grow has set a goal of pushing 1 Million women working in the cannabis industry by 2020. They are not too far from that goal with their 35+ markets around the world, as they aim to create a more diverse and inclusive industry here in Canada. If you are interested in starting a market in your town, interested in sponsorship, or just looking to become more involved email Gomez and Rolston at

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