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Cannabis is...

There are several aspects of my life that are positively affected by Cannabis. It is a crucial tool that helps manage my health, inside and out. I use it to control the symptoms of a chronic illness, Crohn’s Disease and other complications. When used daily it controls my appetite, nausea, pain and depression. Without Cannabis my quality of life would be much less and I know this from experience. Cannabis has its own unique social culture: people with similar challenges, values and behaviors. It’s a vibrant network of individuals who openly educate one another about Cannabis and its uses. It can be difficult to maintain normal relationships with healthy individuals. I find I'm accepted more easily in the Cannabis community. My medical Marijuana journey has provided many opportunities to pursue a career as a writer. Because of the knowledge I've gained about the government system and the plant, I have been able to educate others by writing for several on-line blogs. Having a presence on social media is important to normalize the ‘use of Cannabis’ and I take it very seriously. The Cannabis industry allows me to contribute to society by educating others one-on-one also. I work part-time for the local 420 Clinic, which has been a blessing for both the patients and myself. Teaching others about the different strains, making recipes and answering questions of all kinds. I'm empowered by Cannabis and the ways it affects my life. It allowed me to take a negative situation, like a chronic illness and turned it into a positive one, in a very profound way. To me, Cannabis is everything.

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