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A Look At Canada's Other Growth Industry

High Canada Magazine has had the opportunity to travel across Canada these past few years and really get a feel for the Canadian cannabis using community. We have met every very type of person you could possibly imagine. Academics, medical professional, engineers, lawyers, social advocates, musicians, comedians, athletes - both professional and amateur as well as all possible types of entrepreneurs and business people. What we have learned is that no matter where people are located in the country - from Sault Saint Marie to Saskatoon and from Stellarton to Gatineau - when people consume cannabis they will find a way no matter what to get good quality cannabis and cannabis based products. If fact up until recently, finding a good cannabis connection and fostering a personal relationship with your cannabis provider to ensure consistent supply was how most people purchased their green. Over the last few years in the big cities across Canada, we saw a huge jump in the number of storefront dispensaries open for business in a number of Canadian Cities - allowing unprecedented access to cannabis - for both medicinal and recreation purposes. This was all well and good if you lived in or even near one of the large urban centres like Vancouver or Toronto. If you lived in British Columbia - we have found that most residents are connected to top quality BC bud through generations of growers and communities built around the growing industry. Then there are the rest of Canadians - living in rural Canada. A number of these people have gone and will go and set up accounts and order from any one of a number of Licensed Producers scattered sparingly across the Canadian landscape. They will have their orders filled and delivered to their door by Canada Post. There is also a sizable portion of our population comprised of people who have been buying black market cannabis all along and they will always support their favorite Canadian Craft Growers. These are usually fiercely proud Canadians who are legitimately exercising their right to choose what they consume and who produces what they consume. This is a group keenly interested in organically grown cannabis, very aware and concerned about issues like pesticides and light recipes and terpenes and CBD to THC ratio and they feel that the Licensed Producers are not serving their best interest. An enormous number of these individuals in rural centres have already turned to reputable cannabis based mail order to efficiently and effectively take care of their own cannabis related needs. Over the last few years a few companies have really caught our eye.

Canada Bliss Herbals has been around the longest and they get high marks for consistently building up their brand over the last three years. A solid tried and true company with great pricing and a really decent selection. Go to to check them out Buddies Canada has been growing at lightning speed over the last year and has quickly become one of the biggest ‘go to’ online shops around. They have an excellent selection and contests and their overall marketing and customer service is excellent. Check out for more details. Top Leaf Canada is at the top of its game and continually setting the bar higher and higher with both quality and superior product. Recent 1st place winners of the recent High Times Cannabis Cup for Sativa Flower for their Sweet Jesus strain. Look them up at With companies like these three offering, great customer service and a opportunity to access some of the best Canadian Craft cannabis and cannabis based products around - its not hard to see why people are turning to reputable and professional online resources more often. Ease of use, selection, consistency and discretion are the keywords in this new digital landscape and it should be interesting to see how it evolves.

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