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Talking to Jay Anthony: Co-Founder of TOP LEAF

How did you guys start in the industry? It all started as a dream in our younger days, and then came the idea, and what followed next was action and execution. We knew we wanted to be a major part of the industry and we knew we wanted to do it right. Our group all shares one common trait that we are all healers who want to help. We all share a passion for helping others whether that’s health, wealth, or, just some real advice; we genuinely care about people and their well- being. Once the decision was made, we knew we had to all uproot our lives and move out west to the mecca of the cannabis industry. What’s going on out West in the craft industry? Lots! Everywhere you look in this industry people are moving forward. What we are seeing now is the branding of products, quality dispensary models, new regulations; some people are holding their breath and some are fighting for the craft community’s stake in what the government is calling “legalization”. We are seeing the craft community starting to stabilize and realize this is a real business and certain things must be done to guarantee public safety and quality control. We are also seeing the creation of many new products hitting the market, which is great! If you have a good cannabis idea now is the time to be putting in the work to get it off the ground and to start creating a brand name and a product value. What’s new? We have been hearing wonderful things about the StellerJ's pre rolls. Everyday is a new day for us here at TopLeaf and we’re always looking for more ways to create a solid online community that people can trust. For us it has always been about quality, consistency, and safe products offered at a fair price. We are always trying to raise the bar with new products and our online member experience. We have won 5 cannabis cups this year alone, including the High Times magazine cannabis cup for best sativa. We are looking forward to our new blog coming soon and the new products lined up for our members this holiday season. We are super pumped about a new line called StellerJ’s. They’re an awesome company that has proudly produced Canada’s first pre- rolled joints in a cool looking pack with either 3 or 6 in a box. StellerJ’s also offers a vape pen that has been tested and retested until they found the best un-cut honey oil that is perfect for vaping. The vape is perfect daytime or nighttime as it has a pleasant smell that is inconspicuous and smells subtly like pine. It’s also a great option for patients who like to control the level they are consuming. They are coming out with additional flavors and CBD options soon. Look out for the rolling papers StellerJ’s has coming out too! How are you guys prepping for July 2018? All we can do for now is prepare for what is to come. We support our cannabis advocates and trust in them to be the voice we need; filling out necessary forms when needed and building companies that are transparent with their motives. Show the government through example what legalization can and should look like. We are set up just like any other company you see out there doing business. We strongly believe that the craft community needs to come together and put forth a proper system on paper to show the government just how we want this to work and how it will work best for everyone in the industry. The government fails to realize this industry has a culture attached to it; it cannot be looked at as a simple model to be replaced. With decisions being made, they must communicate with the community that has built it in the first place and proceed accordingly.

Top Leaf at Hempfest in Calgary 2017

What do you think the market will look like after that, and how do you think it will impact the future of craft cannabis? What we would like to see is a fair playing field for the industry. We want the government to regulate fairly, tax fairly and simply move out of the way and let the industry flourish. Looking at the numbers legalization can’t happen without the craft community. The government LP's are unable to supply all of Canada’s cannabis demand. They’re asking for something they cannot even manage, not to mention, their quality of products that are below standard compared to craft standards. Ontario has already come forward hastily to claim a market and be in complete control of selling and who can grow, in a very greedy, conflict of interest fashion. This is a spit in the face to the cannabis community out East. All Canadian’s deserve to have people who know, love, and understand cannabis running some form of business in Ontario. We hope to see, one day soon, dispensaries with fun and creative storefronts on popular streets, in community shopping centers, and, being accepted just as any other business in Canada. There is no reason that this healing medicinal plant should be ripped out of the hands of patient caring growers, then blown out in huge facilities, irradiated, and sold back to us by the government, giving consumers and patients no choice. As with any industry we are going to see a flood of brands and businesses at first, mostly people trying to cash in not realizing the amount of hard work and dedication it takes to stay a float. There is so much involved in running a good quality dispensary or website. We must keep in mind that this is an industry made by the people, for the people. At the end of the day we want to see happy customers that have access to safe, quality products that help them heal and having the freedom to live their lives as they see fit.

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