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Toronto Area Business Leaders Confused By Implications of Cannabis in The Workplace Find Solution -


The world is looking at Canada to set the stage for Cannabis regulation, distribution and law enforcement. With the many misconceptions swirling around the medical cannabis industry, many Canadian employers and employees are demanding accurate information and on-going education as the medical industry and laws unfold. Companies who haven't got policies in place yet, certainly should be educating themselves about the implications of this new business landscape.

Sherry Bennett and her latest initiative, have the solution for professionals and decision makers who need real answers. Recently, Bennett was recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year by the King Chamber of Commerce at their 2017 Excellence in Business Awards, where they cited her innovation and education on Medical Cannabis to professionals and the community at large. The company she founded, Bayview Concierge, is an associate member of CCIC (the Canadian Consortium for Investigation of Cannabinoids, out of McGill University.) "Cannabis is perceived to be an effective treatment for diverse conditions, with pain and mental health being the most prominent," she says.

Realizing the extent of the need, Bennett created a series of educational forums for Business Owners, Executives, Health Care Professionals, HR and Legal Experts to dispel the myths and educate businesses and professionals as they begin to draft policy and create practices addressing Medical Cannabis in the workplace. These important forums bring key thought leaders together to bring understanding and deliver evidenced based education on Medical Cannabis and its impact in the workplace.

Bennett points out that the information that will be presented in the forum is of interest to business executives across sectors. "With an ever growing number of Employees who use cannabis as medicine - many issues will continue to arise for both employees and their employers. Everyone from business owners to HR professionals should be drafting their policies now - before the laws unfold - to mitigate the risk of liability."

Bennett says that with the legalization of Marijuana set for July 2018, workplaces will need to address the use of Medical Cannabis in their policy and practices to mitigate the risks of liability and avoid a potential PR nightmare. Given the stigma that still remains around the cannabis issue, she said she finds professionals often don't know how to talk about it...and she is passionate about bringing the discussion out of the shadows.

The forums will also be of great interest to legal professionals (while Substantive hours of CPD credits are offered to lawyers, Bayview Concierge does not provide CPD certificates as hours are self-reported.)

Topics include:

- What an employer must consider before terminating an employee

- How employers can monitor/verify impairment?

- Are drug tests legal? Are they reasonable?

- What is the difference between being medicated and being impaired?

- Could a marijuana addiction constitute a disability and lead to accommodation?

- What are the best practices for handling workplace accommodation?

- The implications of “duty to accommodate”

- How safety sensitive positions might be impacted

- Employee /Employer rights and responsibilities to each other

Panelists include:

Alex Revich

Cannabis Educator who will focus on dispelling the myths / misconceptions of medical cannabis.

Dr. Steven Orlov

Medical Director of CannaMed Clinic, the first interdisciplinary medical cannabis clinic in York Region will provide the Medical Perspective. In the November segment of the series he will talk about the role of cannabis in the treatment of Chronic Pain.

Hilda Gan

HR Expert and Registered Nurse, based in Markham, Ontario is known as an Award Winning

Workplace Culture Strategist who will talk on the HR impacts in the Workplace.

Aviva B. Abraham

Group Benefits and Insurance Advisor will share the impacts and changes in Group Health

Benefits and Disability to Businesses and Employees.

Shaun Bernstein

Employment Lawyer and legal consultant, will speak about the importance of drafting good policy before the laws unfold.

Kevin Hall

Executive Director of Chronic Pain Toronto will talk about how to accommodate employees who use cannabis as medicine and how to avoid a potential PR nightmare.

Attendees will enjoy an elevated learning experience combined with an interactive Q & A session. Also, participants will have a rare networking opportunity to speak with collaborative and supportive industry professionals. The first in the Let’s Talk Cannabis series, kicks-off on Friday November 3, 2017. Doors open at 8:30 a.m. and the forum begins at 9:00.

This educational platform is donating a percentage of the ticket sales to a Thornhill, based

charity that works to eradicate stigma and give hope to those touched by Mental Health concerns.

To purchase tickets visit the website

Twitter : @Talk_Cannabis

Facebook :


Tracy Lamourie

Lamourie Public Relations


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