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Another Friendly Face of Canadian Cannabis Censored by YouTube

No sooner had I just posted my first article on YouTube Censorship with Kushbury, when someone else contacted me.

It was from a well known Canadian cannabis icon and legend better known as Urban Remo, whose trouble started after posting a short video about their recent trade show trip to and from Spannabis.

Urban Remo is well respected member of the community, as he is a 34 time award winning medical marijuana grower, who started his YouTube channel in 2010. It soon became one of the largest Canadian cannabis channels receiving over 32 million views, approximately 190,000 subscribers, and had a clean record until this April 9th that is.

That is when they received their first community strike.

Ironically, as Urban Remo has never monetized anything he has produced on YouTube, nor have they been able to advertise on YouTube, while some of their competition has. Urban Remo explains;

“Remo is a Canadian federally exempt patient who can legally grow and use cannabis since 2001. Our channel is educational and documentary in nature. We travel the world and show people what is happening in the cannabis community, events etc. All gardens Remo films are 100% legal. We do not use hard drugs nor do we show that or bomb making. No one in our videos is underage and or unlicensed to do so. We do not spam. We approve all comments and allow no hate of any kind. We don't allow any slander or sexually explicit conversations. We do not allow drug sales of any kind.
There are hundreds of channels like ours, which are being shut down around the world. It’s like the white washing of the industry is happening right now. Is there any way to help?”

Remo has since appealed this decision to no avail.

Time to reach out to some LA attorneys and see what they have to say since YouTube is located, after all, in sunny California.

Stay tuned for more.

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