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​Together we are strong!

A few decades of prejudice and misconceptions destroyed thousands of years of understanding about the healing benefits of Cannabis.

Legalization will help with rediscovery, but, as we’ve seen with other incidences of oppression, it’s in the sharing of personal experiences when fact becomes truth. We believe stories of healing will set Cannabis free and change people’s lives.

That’s why we started Move the Movement, a not for profit society. But to make it a success we need your help. We need you to stand up for Cannabis.

We have built a website,, that makes it easy for anyone to contribute their story of healing with Cannabis and read about the success others have experienced. It’s a place of learning and inspiration that we hope will also spark scientific understanding and research. Our vision is for it to become a vibrant online community of patients, advocates, budtenders, scientists and others interested in the benefits of the people’s plant.

The architecture is ready for the stories. Now we need a community to fill it. That’s where you come in. Please help us spread the word about Contribute your experience. Tell others about the site. Talk to your clients about the power of sharing. Distribute and display Move the Movement information material. And do it with confidence knowing a dedicated privacy officer enforces our rigorous privacy policy.

Move the Movement is the passion project of Kelsey Yee, the sister of Cameron Yee, the owner of Lunchbox Alchemy, a leader in Oregon’s Cannabis industry. Two years ago she started discussing how to empower patients to stand up for Cannabis with other leaders in the industry, including Mark Hauk, Owner – Flower Power Cannabis Farms, Jeremy Latham, Owner – Latham Communications, and James Headrick, Owner – Still in Motion Media. All are directors of the society, along with Travis Lane, Founder – Levity Solutions | Director - BC Independent Cannabis Assoc. and Daryl Fontana, Owner of Kindred Warrior Athletics.

Everyone involved is a dedicated advocate for medicinal Cannabis. We believe together we are strong.

We hope you will join us.

Our vision is to rediscover and share knowledge about the healing power of Cannabis.

Our mission is to advance the acceptance of medical Cannabis to a legitimate, healthy and effective treatment option. By collecting and sharing personal stories about the therapeutic benefits of the plant, we can create a vibrant community that supports and inspires learning.

We want a living database of personal experiences. Two truths brought us to Move the Movement: one person’s voice can have a tremendous impact on someone else, and the only way we can reclaim thousands of years of knowledge about the healing powers of Cannabis is through human connection, from patient to patient.Together we can build a living data base of personal experiences. Move the Movement is built on the good will of patients. It’s a free exchange of information that everyone can contribute to because together we are strong.

We are asking industry leaders who understand the potential of a unified platform for Cannabis to support the movement in any way they can.

1. Contact your existing database to encourage patients to participate. 2. Use your social media outlets to encourage participation. 3. Talk to your customers about how sharing their stories of success can help others. Encourage them to share their story. 4. Urge anyone you know who has used cannabis as their “exit strategy” for opioids and/or street drugs to join the movement. They can give much needed hope to those who are now suffering. 5. Display and distribute Move the Movement information materials. To request some, contact me at: 250-701-3954 or

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