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Rahim Dhalla - The New Face of Pharmacy

Earlier this year, Hybrid Pharm opened its doors for the first time in Ottawa to great acclaim and excitement. The first of its kind in Canada and with a very clearly defined goal which is to provide a higher quality experience and therefore a higher quality of life for their patients. Using traditional and non-traditional methods, Hybrid Pharm intends to embody a balanced approach to treat the mind, the body and the soul.

For those of you who are not familiar, Hybrid Pharm is a modern wellness pharmacy located in the Westboro neighbourhood of Ottawa. They focus on providing patients an avenue to achieve greater health through a hybrid of means.

The Hybrid Pharm pharmacy, compounding lab and medical cannabis access centre focus on medicinal health, while educational and wellness events focus on healing through lifestyle modifications. According to founder and the pharmacist behind this incredible venture Rahim Dhalla, Hybrid Pharm is there to guide you along your person path to 'happy health'. Rahim graduated in 2009 from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Boston, MA with a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree. After working for 3 years in retail pharmacy, he returned to school to complete an MBA. Rahim returned to Ottawa in 2013 to help run the family pharmacy business. In mid-2016, Rahim’s father was diagnosed with cancer, and he made the choice to leave the business to support his family. After thorough research, he started his father on cannabis to help with his cancer symptoms, such as pain, chemo-induced nausea/vomiting and cachexia, with visible success. Unfortunately, Rahim’s father passed away in late 2016 due to the progression of the disease. It was through this experience that he truly realized the medicinal prowess of cannabis. It gave him a calling: to help patients improve their overall quality of life utilizing a hybrid of traditional and non-traditional medicines.

Essentially, Hybrid Pharm combines the pharmaceutical and natural medicinal worlds in a community-focused, lifestyle pharmacy. Services include traditional and personalized prescriptions, medical cannabis access, wellness & education seminars, over the counter health products, plus so much more. The Hybrid Pharm certified team works alongside Health Canada and complementary healthcare professionals to provide the highest quality care that your health deserves. Not bad right? High! Canada Magazine has had the last few months to really watch the development of Hybrid Pharm and we are nothing short of astounded at the success of this model. Success in Ottawa will be key to seeing other Hybrid Pharm locations open across the country over the coming years. When is comes to cannabis, Rahim and his team are eager to serve any and all medical marijuana needs with clarity and confidence. They walk you through the registration process, teach you how to order and recommend specific strains that are best suited for your medical condition(s). As safety is their number one concern, they monitor your progress and safety through drug interaction checks and regular follow-up appointments.

Hybrid Pharm runs a number of hands-on classes, workshops & events focus on bridging the gap between medicine and lifestyle changes. Learn new healthy recipes, get active, and join community events that embrace a healthy cannabis positive lifestyle. For more information on Hybrid Pharm and the wonderful work they are doing in Ottawa visit them online at

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