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Cannabis Wellness Company Founded by Witches Strikes a Chord in Canada

​​Founded by kindred spirits and practicing witches, Vanessa Neshevich and Amanda Tamane, Green Moon Apothecary Ltd. offers a carefully curated witchy wellness subscription box that is delivered eight times a year, one for each Sabbat. Many witches and other neo-pagans celebrate the Wheel of the Year, which marks the spring and fall equinoxes (when day and night are of roughly equal length) the summer and winter solstices (when the days and nights are longest) and the four cross-quarter days that fall halfway between them. Each box is designed with care and contains items to help guide you in integrating green witchcraft into your Sabbat spiritual or wellness practices, while allowing you to indulge in self-care with a cannabis-infused twist.

“We realized there isn’t much out there for the modern witch that combines ritual work with cannabis, so we created a curated Sabbat Box service for people that lean towards alternative spirituality and wellness practices.”, says co-founder of Green Moon Apothecary Ltd., Vanessa Neshevich.

​​ Green Moon Apothecary Ltd. co-founder Amanda Tamane had this to say, “As women navigating this newly legalized world of cannabis, we can shape it to serve our needs. We’re really excited to show women no matter whether you enjoy cannabis recreationally, sporadically, or spiritually, there’s a community of others out there to support you. Anyone, regardless of their spiritual beliefs, can enjoy celebrating the Sabbats. They are a celebration of the season, and a communion with nature… and one of the best parts of nature is the cannabis plant!”

Green Moon Apothecary Ltd. launched on November 13th, 2018 and the company reveals that they have lots of surprises in store for the consumer! From items like handmade spell candles, natural rolling papers, or cannabis terpene infused soaps to soothe the skin and elevate the mind… each box will always be a delightful surprise and will have blog posts with guidance on how to integrate each product into your rituals or wellness routines! Green Moon Apothecary Ltd. partners with Canadian and women run businesses as much as possible.

To learn more about Green Moon Apothecary Ltd. contact Vanessa Neshevich at and/or Amanda Tamane at, or visit the website at

About Green Moon Apothecary Ltd. Green Moon Apothecary Ltd. is a Canadian cannabis-friendly witchy wellness venture dreamed up by two women who have been friends for over thirty years.

Green Moon Apothecary’s Subscription Box Service is only available in Canada to people above the legal age in their respective province or territory at this time. Each subscription box will help guide customers to integrate green witchcraft into their spiritual practice and encourage them to indulge in self-care with a cannabis-infused twist. Their mission is to provide discovery and delight as you explore avenues of spirituality and cannabis.

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