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Pattern Micro Cultivation officially unveiled at O’Cannabiz conference in Vancouver

Pattern Micro Cultivation (“Pattern”) was officially unveiled at the O’Cannabiz Conference and Expo in Vancouver today, giving independent Canadian craft cannabis growers a turnkey solution to transition into the legal cannabis cultivation ecosystem.

Pattern Micro Cultivation has designed a state-of-the-art GMP compliant cultivation facility. The company’s turnkey solution provides oversight and support through every step in the conversion process, including: Security assessments & upgrades; Licensing applications; Facility design & build-out; Equipment sourcing; Financing; SOPs; Branding; Business logistics; Processing; Analytics; Distribution; and support.

The company has assembled a team of facility designers, builders, equipment suppliers, growing consultants, software companies, communications and marketing experts, lawyers and potential investors, creating Canada’s only fully independent “Plug and Glow” micro cultivation conversion platform.

The turnkey conversion platform allows growers to focus on what they do best, while Pattern’s team takes care of the rest.

“We are the only micro cultivation collective focused on building GMP certified cultivation facilities across Canada and it's our goal to create the largest community of independent craft growers in the world,” said Pattern’s founder & CEO, Tom Doran. “We are a first mover in the micro cultivation space and our model has been designed to give craft growers the ability to sell their product at the market value price.”

By building GMP certified cultivation facilities, cannabis grown through Pattern can be exported out of Canada by a purchaser with the required licenses. The Pattern model gives micro cultivators more bargaining power by aggregating production and streaming legally compliant output through the company’s distribution portal. Pattern’s approach also includes the processing and packaging of output onsite at each facility, allowing growers to be selective about who their crops are sold to and the average price per gram received.

“All other models use a right of first refusal supply agreement,” explained Doran. “This system allows brokers and other purchasing entities to collaborate, cooperate and drive the price per gram down. Pattern’s goal is to empower craft growers by creating a collective that leverages its bargaining power to negotiate the most profitable supply agreements.”

Pattern is committed to supporting and empowering Canada’s world-class independent growers. The company’s core beliefs include passion and respect for the plant, freedom and independence and supporting the cannabis lifestyle. Growers interested in learning more or scheduling a meeting with Tom Doran are encouraged to visit Pattern’s website at

About Pattern Micro Cultivation Pattern Micro Cultivation (“Pattern”) has created a turnkey solution designed to help growers to transition into the legal cannabis ecosystem. The Pattern team provides oversight and support through every step of the transition process, including: security assessments & upgrades; licensing applications; facility design & build-out; equipment sourcing; financing; SOPs; branding; business logistics; processing; analytics; and distribution.

Pattern builds GMP compliant cultivation facilities or upgrades existing ones and integrates them into the company’s scalable platform. Pattern’s Turnkey Micro Cultivation Facility was designed by two world class professionals who worked for a well-known Licensed Producer. Mechanical engineering, electrical and plumbing design are overseen by a leading expert who has worked several cannabis production facilities across Canada.

Our turnkey platform allows growers to focus on what they do best, while we take care of the rest.

For more information about Pattern Micro Cultivation,

Media Contact: Peter Pilarski, President Cannabiz Social C: 403-462-1160 E:

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