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Lobo Genetics and Alcanna Bring Genetic Testing to Alberta Cannabis Consumers

Lobo Genetics Inc. (“Lobo”), a leading cannabis healthcare technology company and Alcanna Inc. (“Alcanna”) (TSX: CLIQ), owner of Nova Cannabis and one of the largest private sector retailers of alcohol in North America, are pleased to announce an industry-first partnership that brings direct-to-consumer cannabis genetic testing to Alcanna’s Nova Cannabis stores.

Using Lobo’s patented Cube DNA testing platform, customers in Alberta will be able to walk into select Nova Cannabis stores and receive their personalized cannabis genetic profile within a day from a simple cheek swab.

Lobo’s cannabis test will help individuals understand how their bodies respond to THC, explain potential short-term and long-term risks based on their genetic profile, and explore other insights and recommendations to make more informed decisions about their cannabis use.

Starting on March 14th 2019 and for a limited promotional period of three weeks, Lobo’s cannabis genetic test will be offered free of charge to Nova Cannabis customers at Lobo-branded kiosks located within the following Nova Cannabis locations:

  • Willow Park, Calgary, 10816 Macleod Trail Unit 252

  • Off-Whyte, Edmonton, 8015 104 St NW

  • Namao, Edmonton, 16616 95 St

  • Spruce Grove, 17 Nelson Dr

  • Southpointe, Fort Saskatchewan, 9310 Southfort Dr Unit 101

Customers will also have the option to upgrade their account to receive further genetic insights through Lobo’s online platform.

“We are excited to work with Alcanna to raise awareness of cannabis health and safety through personalized genetics,” said John Lem, CEO of Lobo.

“Empowering the consumer with information about their personalized genetic response to cannabis will help enable safer, responsible and informed adult use. Alcanna is at the forefront of cannabis retail in Canada by presenting such leading technology directly to customers. We chose to partner with Alcanna because of their industry-leading track record since October 17th in responsible and professional cannabis retail.”

“Alcanna’s corporate motto is The Art of Responsible Retail. This partnership with Lobo is a perfect example of Alcanna using our Nova Cannabis locations to promote safety and awareness for responsible adult cannabis use. Lobo’s technology is truly ground-breaking and a welcome participant in this new industry. We are pleased Lobo chose Alcanna’s Nova Cannabis stores for the exclusive introduction of their technology to Canadians,”

added James Burns, CEO of Alcanna.

About Lobo Genetics Inc.

Lobo is a privately-held healthcare technology company that helps ensure a safer cannabis experience through genetics. Consumers and patients can gain rapid, actionable insights into their personal response to cannabis, based on their genetic profile. Lobo’s portable device platform provides DNA test results in under an hour, and can be deployed in clinics, pharmacies and retail stores. With applications across the recreational, medical and clinical space, Lobo is bringing the science of cannabis genetic testing to everyone.

About Alcanna Inc.

Alcanna is one of the largest private sector retailers of alcohol in North America and the largest in Canada by number of stores – operating 236 locations in Alberta, British Columbia and Alaska. The Company also operates five cannabis retail stores under the “Nova Cannabis” brand in the Province of Alberta. With revenues in excess of $600 million per year, Alcanna processes over 18 million individual retail transactions of beverage alcohol and cannabis.

Alcanna's common shares and convertible subordinated debentures trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbols "CLIQ" and "CLIQ.DB", respectively.

Additional information about Alcanna Inc. is available at and the Company’s website at

For further information, please contact:

Media and press inquiries:

Dan Skilleter Lobo Genetics Inc. Director of Policy and Communications 416-500-3989

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