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Socially Conscious Canadian Band - One Eyed Oracle Releases Debut Album Really Small Town

Socially Conscious Canadian Band - One Eyed Oracle Releases Debut Album Really Small Town on April 20, 2020 “Love doesn’t just make the world go round, it holds it together” ~ Boris Buhot ONE EYED ORACLE is the artistic embodiment of Boris Rene Buhot, a Toronto born singer-songwriter and multi instrumentalist who now calls Oshawa, Ontario his home. Five years in the making, the nine track debut album REALLY SMALL TOWN was co-produced with Diamond Award recording engineer Jeff McCulloch of Wellesley Sound Studios and drummer Matt O'Rourke, an alumni of the Musicians Institute of LA.

The politically charged reggae-concerto title track REALLY SMALL TOWN features Jamaica’s David Dawkins (Kalask), and was penned after Bayer announced plans to purchase Monsanto.

Created with the intent of stirring an unsuspecting public strung up by class and form, to the greater aspect of our parts hidden beneath the waves of our unconscious mind, the danceable album presents powerful, soulful compositions with intricate melodies cascading through a strong alternative range of rock, pop, punk and folk, including the tribute track, “She's Everything” to the late spiritual guru Rev. D. Bauld.Influenced by the sounds of Green Day,David Bowie, Neil Young, Bob Marley, Leonard Cohen, Elvis Costello, The Sex Pistols, and Bob Dylan.

Veteran Music Journalist The Real Gary 17 says ONE EYED ORACLE“ is a formidable tunesmith whose lyrics, like his somewhat heavy-mooded musical delivery, is direct, visceral and resonant. Alternating between the Grunge Folk vibe and what you might call “Stark Rock”, their songs punch through any film of complacency that might be obscuring your vision, presenting boldly and plainly the plight of the modern human.” /3EWLm6QFqAAVPOhKQ1KI0f

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