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Give a Man a Bud and He's High for an Hour...

Stay tuned for future installments in upcoming 2021 issues of High! Canada Magazine where we get into the science of the entourage effect and start looking into CBD Ratio genetics..t the passion, not only for growing and for the cannabis plant itself, but more important for sharing that knowledge, with others interested in growing for themselves, whether medicinally or recreationally. He is fully aware of the sacredness

of the gifts he’s been given, that they come from some other source in the universe and that aspect therefore compels him to share those gifts with others, for FREE, even though this knowledge has cost him a lot. Dr. Bud served one of the longest prison sentences strictly for cultivation, 6 years, when he was convicted for growing the sacred herb for medicine destined to heal members of the Anishinabi Nation back in 2005.

Upon his release he was determined to heal the entire world and that’s why he’s here, to teach all of you how to grow, especially the beginners and those who want to know more. As Canadian legalization approaches and empowered by the recent government announcement that people will be allowed to grow their own, more and more Canadians are expected to embrace the cannabis culture and hit the dirt.

That suits Dr. Bud perfectly as he’s taken the old adage of teaching a man how to fish to heart and wants to apply that to cannabis growing so that every person can heal themselves and their families. Now we start. We need to start at the very beginning, namely what makes up your cannabis plant, in short, genetics. To many, the word genetics has become a dirty word, as it implies modifying Mother Nature in ways that are often detrimental, all in the name of efficiency, think Monsanto. But, in determining what is best for you with regard to strain selection, genetics mean everything, as each individual responds differently to individual strains and the cannabinoids within them.

Some people need heavy, sedative strains, indicas for example. Others are fighting specific ailments and might not care about the high type, think CBD-rich strains and children with epilepsy.

Everything you need starts with a seed.

Germination refers to getting a seedling to sprout and eventually mature from a seed. While methods of germination vary, some throw them straight into water, others straight into the ground, the best way to ensure success is by using the tried and tested paper towel method. As Dr. Bud often says “the future of cannabis in one word is education”. He is an elder in life and also an elder within the cannabis community internationally. Dr. Bud agrees with the science that states the real medicine of cannabis is called the entourage effect.

Whole plant medicine education for all of us will be the future of cannabis medicine. The teachings will be about the true medicines supported by science. The cat is out of the bag so to speak People in every part of the world now know that cannabis has medical value of some sort. That is a miracle in itself - praise the Lord for that - Hallelujah!

Cannabis researchers believe the entourage effect produces a much more superior medical result then just THC or CBD on it’s own.

Dr. Nathan Russo, a famous cannabis researcher has stated cannabis begins as a botanical. This is a way of saying that it's a plant based medicine and being botanical doesn't mean relying on one compound to produce the beneficial effects but instead the combination of the whole plant is the a medicine. This is known as known as synergistic synergy.

It is the boosting of the desired effect that is important -for instance 2 × 2 instead of equaling 4 - is boosted to giving you 8. The entourage effect basically doubles up on the benefits the person gets when they use cannabis properly. Researchers agree that the entourage effect is the backbone of true cannabis based medicine. Dr Bud has made it his mission to ensure that everybody hears about the entourage effect and hopes that people everywhere can see how very very important it is to understand how cannabis medicine works.

Stay tuned for future instalments in upcoming 2021 issues of High! Canada Magazine where we get into the science of the entourage effect and start looking into CBD Ratio gentics.

Stay tuned.



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