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Have you made plans to X & O with your favorite person this February 14th?

Tell me, what's it gonna be this year?

A dozen or two (or even three) long stem roses is always traditionally favored along with hard to pronounce gourmet chocolates and customized sweets with lovey-dovey initials and hearts drawn in white, pink and red icing…

Add to that an ultra romantic dinner out or a cozy stay-in home ambience, abundantly decorated with intricately laid rose petals and an intimate candlelit setting, worthy of filter-free photos to 'post & boast' about, the day after.

Yes my lovers and friends, it is the month of Canna-Love-liness and there is no shortage in the variety of gift ideas out there to share with the one that makes your heart beat with purpose and admiration; the one that makes you catch your breath at the wonders of their beautiful aura, both inside and out; the one whose existence alone, makes you thank your lucky stars that you found your way into each other's heart space.

True, its overly commercialized and we all can show our loved ones just how much they mean to us any day of the year in our overall daily demeanor and our everyday acts of service but for those of us who DO enjoy the dramatic displays of affection and delights on the popular love day, no romantic gesture is too grand to share with the love of your life.

Do you opt to give green flowers-the dried green variety or bring over some new chewy edibles and a six pack of cbd kombucha - is that even a thing, yet?

In any case, I hope your day of love is canna-fied to the max!

And with that, it is my pleasure to introduce our beautiful February Canna-Mama, Leigh Griffith, from the classically charming and steadfastly romantic, Province of Quebec…

Ooh la la!

Zara Boorder

High! Canada Magazine


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