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Here's Why HCM Rocks!

Here’s some of the key reasons why every marketing budget should earmark a percentage for print.

Statistics provided by Magazines Canada show magazine advertising still offers one of the best returns on your marketing dollar when compared to all other forms of marketing. They also say households with the BIGGEST financial assets PREFER magazines over the Internet, TV or radio.

In the chaotic Internet world, with millions of websites fighting for top billing, not to mention the myriad of blogs, feeds, and tweets, you may get someone’s attention for a couple seconds but then you’re replaced by some other messaging. Magazine advertising limits your competitors (cost/space), and you stay in front of your customer until they choose to turn the page. When they want to find you again, they know exactly where to find your message and it hasn’t been overwritten meanwhile by another advertiser. Fake news has resonated with many as one of the weaknesses of online marketing. The Internet has a big trust problem. It’s too easy to post something one day and take it down the next. The trust readers have put in magazines is justified. Once the ink hits the page, it’s there to stay. In today’s shifting world, print offers stability that consumers trust. When making purchasing decisions, consumers trust print ads 34% more than they trust search engine ads, according to research by Vistaprint. Print has a higher comprehension rate than most other forms of media. It’s easier to read, digest and recall later. Vistaprint says viewers of print ads recall 70% more than they recall with digital ads and it takes 21% less cognitive effort to process print media than digital media. Placing your ad in HCM magazine puts your message into the homes and hands of people who trust what we have to say and who want to know what you have to offer for services and products.

Our new, all legal magazine - HCM is available for free at 300+ select stores across Canada and free to download directly from our site or our website but you can also order this inaugural issue to be mailed to your home, office or farm for the low price of $9.99 cnd


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