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Welcome Natalie!

It is with great pleasure we reintroduce you to our December 2020 Women In Weed, Mrs. Natalie Cox aka "Growing With Natalie" to the High! Canada Team. You can find her here every month sharing her knowledge and passions on a wide variety of topics and bringing years of education and love of cannabis to us all!

Natalie Cox has spent the past 30 years raising a wonderful family of four children with her high-school sweetheart. At age 49 Natalie underwent a major life pivot when she went to college for the first time; enrolling in the Horticulture Technician program at Durham College in Whitby, Ontario.

“Quite simply, I went back to college to learn to grow better weed”, she says with a grin.

In 2020 Natalie founded Afro Cannada Budsistas with her business partner Khadisha Thornhill.

Their mission is to provide a safe space for Black women to offer one another support while also normalizing cannabis through education, information, and exposure. She also started Growing With Natalie; a company focused on organic cannabis and vegetable cultivation and teaching others to grow their own as well.

A lifelong tropical plant collector, she boasts a 30-year-old Epipremnum aureum or Pothos, she affectionately calls “Mother”.

In the summer you can find Natalie in the garden with her dog Leo, tending to her prized heirloom tomato collection.


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